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Meditation doesn’t have to be hard. In Sura Flow, there’s no “right” way to sit, no “control” over your mind, or having to sit perfectly still.

Learn a heart-centered approach using 3 simple steps: Relax, Listen, Intend

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Flow Meditaton is a universal approach to meditation that anyone can practice – from CEOs to children. Learn how to:

Release your

Rest, relax &
sleep better

Boost your

Discover your

Realize your

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Balance, health & energy flow

Hi, I’m Sura!

I’m a Meditation Coach and best-selling author of Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles.
For years, I was stressed out when I worked on Wall Street. After hitting rock bottom, I found meditation. For the first time I felt at home. That’s when I left NY to learn traditional meditation styles in Asia, but after years of practice, I realized something was missing — a softer approach.
After developing my practice, I discovered Sura Flow, a restorative, effortless approach to meditation where you can easily slip into “the zone.” If you ever found meditation to be challenging, you may enjoy this energy-flow practice. Receive energy, intuitive insight, and deep calm.


The Future of Coaching is Meditation

Meditation Coaching applies the Sura Flow creative meditation approach. This is the art of integrating energy healing, meditation, and coaching. Through relaxation, practitioners are able to tap into their inner knowing more easily, leading to life-changing insights quickly and effectively.

Meditation is one of the fastest growing health industries, with meditation coaching poised to become a mainstream practice. As energy healing, meditation, and coaching become widely accepted modalities for mental health and wellness, meditation coaching is the next evolution – a natural blend of all three practices. 

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