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Professional meditation trainings for leaders, coaches, & health practitioners.

Do you struggle with meditation?

You're not alone.

Many face challenges with traditional meditation. Whether it’s finding the time or feeling unsure about the process, the idea of emptying the mind can be daunting.

Sura Flow simplifies meditation. It takes meditation beyond the mind, encompassing heart, body, and energy.

Envision a practice that’s effortless and impactful. Align with confidence and purpose. Experience tranquility, better sleep, and enhanced well-being.

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Unlock Your Inner Power

Learn Sura Flow: a simple, softer way to meditate.

The heart is the leader of your emotions. By learning how to regulate your breath and body, you learn how to skillfully manage stress. Elevate your emotional intelligence through heart-centered leadership.

What makes Sura Flow different from traditional practices?

a Simple Way to Meditate

Evolving the Practice of Meditation to Include a Feminine Perspective

You don’t need hours of practice. Learn a dynamic, quick way to meditate with energy tools.
Visualize, intend, and embrace your creative power with feminine meditation.



Learn Sura Flow in 3 Easy steps

Effortless Heart Meditation Practice




Tap into the energy within you for greater well-being and vitality.

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Hi, I’m Sura.

I’m an Executive Meditation Coach, TEDx Speaker, and the Author of 
Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles

For years, I was stressed out when I worked as a VP on Wall Street. After hitting rock bottom, I found meditation. For the first time I felt at home. So I left NY to learn traditional meditation styles in Asia. But after years of practice, I realized something was missing — a softer approach.

That’s why I developed Sura Flow, a restorative effortless approach to meditation where you can easily slip into “the zone.” If you ever struggled with meditation, I invite you to learn a gentler, simple way to meditate.

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Become a certified meditation coach

The future of coaching is meditation.

Meditation + coaching => transformation + impactful results.

Explore a powerful, modern method to enliven people’s daily lives. Empower them to create balance within themselves by expertly nurturing their practice, leading to newfound clarity, insight, and purpose. Receive the skills to guide them toward achieving their professional and personal goals with ease.

Sura Flow is the foundation of meditation coaching. Join a high-growth, emerging market and change lives.

Learn how to become a Meditation Coach through LIBERATE.

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Gain Insight & Focus for a fulfilling life.

Sura Flow enhances insight, focus, and productivity, both in your personal and professional pursuits.

Elevate your well-being with Sura Flow. Release stress, boost energy. Discover vitality through our techniques.

Master focus, manage energy. Discover practical tools for enhancing focus and managing your energy levels, leading to sustained success.

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Empowering leaders to cultivate resilience and calm.


Release Stress and Build Resilience as a Leader


Become a Certified
Meditation Coach


Receive Personalized
Coaching and Stress Relief


To achieve true equity and inclusion, it is vital to
create a space where everyone can be seen and heard.

Experience the healing power of meditation coaching that promotes a balanced perspective

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Discover a new meditation practice where you can:

Be confident. Be bold.
Be alive. BE ANYTHING.

Express your emotions,
your desires, and your truth.

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Unlock Your Power, Purpose, & Potential Now

Unlock Your Power

Discover a fresh, 3-step approach to meditation.