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Many people find meditation to be challenging. This may be due to the fact that traditional meditation practices were developed primarily by men, emphasizing qualities such as mental focus, control, and discipline that may not be as accessible to everyone.

Sura Flow adds a feminine touch with heart focus, gentleness, and healing energy.

Through this practice, you learn how to cultivate your vital life force energy, also known as chi or prana. Sura Flow teaches you to tap into the energy within you for greater well-being and vitality. By including both masculine and feminine qualities in your meditation, you can unlock the full power of your practice.

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Sura Flow: Meditate With Heart

The heart leads your emotions. By tapping into healing feminine energy through meditation, your capacity for compassion, insight, and bliss opens up. Sura Flow empowers you to listen to your heart’s intelligence as a way of achieving your true potential.

What makes Sura Flow different from traditional practices?

a Simple Way to Meditate

Evolving the Practice of Meditation to Include a Feminine Perspective

You don’t need hours of practice. Learn a dynamic, quick way to meditate with energy tools.
Visualize, intend, and embrace your creative power with feminine meditation.



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Effortless Heart Meditation Practice

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Sura Flow is an energy healing meditation practice that opens your heart.

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Within the Self

Evolving Meditation to Include a Feminine Perspective

Regardless of our gender, we all have masculine and feminine qualities. However, if we practice meditation in a way that emphasizes one energy over the other, we may not fully access the benefits it offers.

By achieving a balance between our masculine and feminine energies, we can tap into the full healing potential of meditation, empowering us to truly develop and evolve to our fullest potential.

Masculine qualities:
Feminine qualities:
Masculine qualities
Feminine qualities
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Hi, I’m Sura.

I’m an Executive Meditation Coach and the Author of 
Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles

For years, I was stressed out when I worked as a VP on Wall Street. After hitting rock bottom, I found meditation. For the first time I felt at home. So I left NY to learn traditional meditation styles in Asia. But after years of practice, I realized something was missing — a softer approach.

That’s why I developed Sura Flow, a restorative effortless approach to meditation where you can easily slip into “the zone.” If you ever struggled with meditation, I invite you to learn a gentler, simple way to meditate.


To achieve true equity and inclusion, it is vital to
include approaches that integrate a feminine perspective.

Experience the healing power of meditation coaching that promotes a balanced perspective

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Discover a new meditation practice where you can:

Be confident. Be bold.
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Sura Flow is the foundation of meditation coaching. As energy healing, meditation, and coaching become widely accepted modalities for mental health and wellness, meditation coaching is the next evolution in modern practice.
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Discover a fresh, 3-step approach to meditation.