2012: Global Shift

As many of you know, I released all of my work this summer.  This is so I could focus my energies where they could best be served.   I felt an overwhelming, imminent force of energy hanging over my head, asking for my attention.

So I committed myself to a “no distractions” life in Salt Spring.   What unfolded were innumerable visions of the future.   I have been seeing them for several years now, and feel it is time to share myself as fully and openly as possible with the world.  Being intuitive, receiving messages, has been part of a gift that I’ve had, and that many of us have naturally.  I know I am here to facilitate the shift, and feel it is my duty to speak the truth as boldly as possible.

There are several reasons why I want to share this.  One:  so that people can understand what is happening to them both individually and collectively.  Two:  so that we can prepare for this shift.   Three:  so that we do not have to take ourselves too seriously through it all.

The title of this writing piece is Global Shift 2012. Revolution.  Destruction.  Re-birth.  Please email if you’d like a copy!


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