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3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Meditation

Meditation enables us to center ourselves internally amidst the chaos, the negativity, and the turbulent, difficult times. It’s a spiritual tool that our society needs today, now more than ever, to persist positively even with the negative rhetoric clogging many of our news feeds. Like anything, meditation is a practice, and we can all use help with motivational support to keep up with our meditative rhythm.

Here are 3 constructive tips for staying motivated in your personal meditative practice during today’s uncertain, tumultuous times:

  1. Pay attention: Notice your life and your mental state when you stop your daily meditative practices. What do you notice about the quality of your well-being throughout the day?
  2. Decide: Make a commitment to meditate a little bit each day. Decide to show up, meditate in a focused, consistent environment, and commit to your daily routine.
  3. Share: Tell a good friend about your commitment to practice. Declare it out loud and write it down. Sharing and writing about your commitment to meditation will actually help you integrate it more fully into your life.

Follow these 3 tips for making a sustainable change in pursuit of meditation. It’s not always going to be easy, but with the right mindset and perseverance, it’s possible. Peace allows us to focus clearly and it’s with clear focus that we can make progress and positive changes in our lives.


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