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3 Ways to Apply Meditation to Stressful Relationships

We’ve all endured difficult situations with other individuals. People can throw us off-center every single day. What do you do when you feel pulled, pushed, depleted, compressed and driven haywire by the most challenging people in your life?

The way we process stressful connections has a lot to do with how we perceive and digest what’s happening. When we navigate from only within our own mind space, “me versus them,” it can be frustrating and never-ending. But if we take time to breathe, and be present with ourselves, by connecting to our true emotions and feelings, we can begin to develop spiritual clarity and wisdom. Simply meditating on a difficult relationship can bring new light and revelation to any situation. The key is to stay open and willing and not be attached to any particular outcome.

Breathe, with the intention of a high outcome.

A personal practice of reflection and quiet helps us not react from anger, but respond from a place of openness and neutrality. It helps us take a step back from ourselves. It gives us the space to put ourselves in the shoes of the other and perhaps see that they too are suffering. It gives us the courage and humility to even wish the other well. When we’re in that place of wishing well for the people who hurt us, we practice true self-mastery and inner-alchemy. Through compassion, we naturally transform and become empowered to bring balance to any situation.

Enjoy this guided talk that includes three ways to apply meditation to stressful relationships.

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