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7 Mindfulness Tools to Release Anxiety & Find Calm

Anxiety has become a common experience and can happen to the most centered of us. It often begins when we start overthinking. Our stomach tightens, our breath shortens and our mind goes spinning.

It is natural to experience anxiety, but at constant levels, it can begin to re-wire our brain for fear and be detrimental to our long-term health. It can also negatively affect our loved ones who are more in tune with us.

Individuals who are more empathetic and sensitive often suffer the most from anxiety. They feel everything around them, intensely. But there are times when this seemingly negative condition can help point us more readily in a right direction, whether it be our true purpose, or even our own healing gifts.

You cannot experience anxiety and joy in the same moment. Anchor yourself in joy, purpose and service, and you will begin to find your anxiety naturally go away.

Meditation teaches you how to consciously shift your attention when you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary stress. It also helps you connect to a higher sense of purpose and focus.

Here are 7 mindfulness tools you can apply now to help you release anxiety and find calm. To learn more, watch the video talk below.

1) Become aware of what triggers your anxiety. Limit your time and engagement with that activity.

2) Meditation helps you to learn how to shift your focus and attention in the present moment.

3) Focus your attention to your breath. Say to yourself, “I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out.”

4) When you have thoughts, observe them come and go. Stay detached, as if you were watching a movie.

5) Practice Visualization. Think about your favorite nature place and imagine everything you enjoy about it.

6) Use affirmations. For example, “Right now, I’m okay.” It’s a simple affirmation but it can be powerful to say something as simple as “It’s okay.”

7) Take up journaling. Write down what you fear or are secretly worries about. Naming our fears lessen their grip on us.

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