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A Glimpse of the Last 2 Years

Recently I got the strong call to come back to LA.   2 years ago, I released my possessions, house & work to take time to go inside.

I was called to go to Abadiania, Brazil to visit John of God.  It was a healing experience beyond words.  It felt like coming home.

I went to John of God to pray.  I wanted to know what the next steps were for my life path.  Do I do media?  It seemed I was being called in that direction.

Shortly after returning from Brazil, somewhat miraculously & suddenly, we decided to shoot “Sura Flow” in Boulder Colorado.  I packed up my Prius in Ann Arbor, MI and drove west.

It was a fun experience.  Everything fell into place.  God provided where there was no location, no music.. no distribution.  It came together in a very stressful & magical way.  Here are Behind The Scenes.

Afterward, I headed west to LA.  We made a few coaching videos, and then I headed up along the coast to Vancouver taking my time and stopping along the way.  I stopped in Portland to meet my friends Michael & Tony for coffee, and ended up staying 2.5 months!  I worked hard on Sura Flow editing, artwork and all the hats you wear to make a DVD happen.

What I loved most about Portland was the waterfalls.  I always felt refreshed after.

After a several months of community living and synchronicities, I left Portland to head to Vancouver B.C.  I met some wonderful friends and often took walks.  During that time, I launched my first Sura Flow Integrated Life Coach Training.  12 people signed up.

One of my favorite places is North Vancouver on way to Whistler.  I took my parents there for a visit.

About 3 months into my stay in Vancouver, I went to a going away party for people who were moving to Salt Spring Island in B.C.  The moment I heard “Salt Spring”, I knew I had to go there.

Days consisted of meditation, writing, swimming & making fires. I loved living the simple life.

In October, I got a call to go to the San Juan Islands.  There I met my friend Dal, founder of Tweezerman.  He was excited to distribute Sura Flow through his new company, ReelU Media.

A few days later, I felt called to visit the Occupy Wall Street movement in NY.   It was a big change from being on an island in nature.   The biggest gift was seeing old friends again in NY and spending time with Ella & Evan, the children of best girlfriend from college – Julia.

Again, I felt called back to the west coast.  I picked up my Prius in Poulsbo and headed back down the coast again.  Favorite stops:  Portland, Mt. Shasta, San Francisco… short stop in LA, then San Diego.

I spent 2-3 months in Carlsbad, writing and preparing.  I started a short workbook on Synchronicity because I was experiencing so much synchronicity during my travels, I needed to understand what was happening.  I learned a lot by writing this paper.

Then, I was surprised to get an inner call to go back to LA.   The first week I was here I lost my house, my cell .. my GPS broke down, and then my car broke down.  It was bizarre.  It felt like a test.  So I decided to stay.

Now I am back where I started.  I have returned to Exhale where I love to teach.

I am here to share the message of prayer, forgiveness & self-love.

I feel ready.

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