A New Birth **

Hi friends,

It’s been some time since I’ve re-visited the blog.  I hope this finds you well in health and good spirits for an exciting 2011. There is great change on the horizon – globally, spiritually and personally, for many people.  It is a time of transformation and growth.

Most of my energy has been focused on completing Sura Flow, a yoga DVD that combines movement, healing & meditation.  The movement style is healing for the body.  It contains a series of circles, undulations and non-linear movements.  The inspiration for Sura Flow came to me four years ago when I recognized the need for softer, gentler movement styles.

I discovered how powerful the feminine aspects of surrender, nurturing and gentleness can be for our personal growth.  Practicing this in our physical movement allows us to integrate it into our everyday lives.  So many of us can afford to be kinder and gentler to ourselves.  Sura Flow is a practice of self-love.

We are in the final stages of production and look to release the DVD soon.
I will keep you posted. 🙂

With great love,


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