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A New Time

Hi friends, I’ve been off the grid for a while.  2013 has been like no other year, and I needed to take time to go deep within and be quiet.  It’s been a big year of transformation and transition.

Earlier this year, I kept having visions and dreams of a lake in Central America.  After several days of google searching, I happened upon the name “Lake Atitlan” in Guatemala and knew I had to go there.

Lake Atitlan

I spent a month in San Marcos, one of the 14 villages around the lake.   Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America, situated about 5,000 ft above sea level, surrounded by volcanoes and mountains.  It is a magical lake.  Some believe it to be a spiritual vortex.

My life in San Marcos was very simple.  Wake up, meditate, write.  Some days I’d practice yoga, or take a swim in the lake.  On occasion, I would visit other villages on the lake.  Each of the Mayan villages around the lake are very different and unique.   It was amazing to see the Indigenous culture and their ways of life. I often saw Guatemalan men carrying very heavy loads of sticks on their back for firewood; and local women selling food and crafts.  People were able to travel around the lake by boat taxi.

I was very taken by my experience at Lake Atitlan.  The lake has a very primal, feminine feel.  It’s a perfect place to go deeper within the subconscious and unconscious to help clear emotional blocks.  If you want to explore the dark, primal Mother, and aspects of surrender and mystery, Atitlan is the place to go.

This year has been particularly intense with alot of emotional clearing and healing.  If you’re feeling challenged these days, take time out to rest and nurture yourself.  Often times during periods of change, chaos ensues.  We are made to confront our shadows and fears.  Don’t be afraid of chaos, whether external or internal.  Let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and in the words of Joseph Campbell, “if you’re falling.. dive.”

More from Maharishi:

“In order to establish order, disorder has to be shaken; and for shaking to remain under control, we who are at the basis, at the level of Para (transcendent), have to be Para – that is, unreachable by the surface turmoil. In that integrated state, the fast moving chaos and change will pass away in a steady manner. So we have to be very steady.

We have to be very careful not to get upset by little or big things. If we lose our basis, our dignity, the phase transition will take much longer. Don’t give importance to things which may upset us. This is a very precious time for the world. Everything depends on how our awareness is; just don’t let it be shaken. Our awareness is the basis of all these transformations.

More than ever before, time demands we remain completely ourselves. It is a very tender, delicate time for us — we should not become angry, indifferent, or sad; we should just be like an ocean. The evolutionary power is waking up.

We shake it, then leave it; then after some time shake it again. Each time a new level of purity, awakening, is added.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1992

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