America’s Obsession with Charlie Sheen

Everyone is watching Charlie Sheen. He is coined new phrases like, “bi-winning” and talks about exploding brains. Since coming out “crazy” his profile has hugely increased. After his initial interview with CBS, he had over 1M tweet followers in 24 hrs. Now he has 2 million.

What is America’s intrigue with Charlie Sheen and what does that have to do with us?

It is far easier to judge Charlie than to understand him. He is born out of one of our nation’s largest and unhealthiest of industries: Entertainment. Let us not forget where Charlie came from and where he’s been.

Think about it. You make $1M an episode, millions each year.. you’ve been famous for years, everyone caters to your every need and desire. People always want a piece of you to make more money, to further their own agenda. You hear YES more than NO most of the time. You’re surrounded by vampiric energy, people who care about money, box office hits and higher ratings. Your sense of reality and importance shifts.

In these situations, it could be tempting to fall to drugs, sex and tabloidic behavior. People become addicted in order to dull the pain and stress of reality. Addiction arises out of unhealed trauma. Hollywood I imagine, is highly traumatic.

In Indigenious cultures, when one person is deemed “sick” by the community, the whole tribe takes responsibility for that person’s healing. They look at themselves and ask “what did I do to create this? What can I do to help?” They see everyone as part of themselves and participate in everyone’s healing as their own. Why don’t we do this? Why do we separate ourselves and point at someone else’s pain as if it is not our own?

I wonder how we have come to make a commodity out of people. We watch the star’s movies and listen to their music, but when things turn south, we love even more to see them spiral downwards. Did we not create these people? We made Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian famous by our choices. Yet somewhere there’s an unwritten rule that it’s OK to treat them as a sub human species. It’s OK to invade their personal space, smear their livelihood over glossy magazines and sell even more ratings based on their personal debacles. It’s OK to make money at their expense -they’re famous.

True, these stars chose their own path, but I’m sure most of them did not know what they were really signing up for. Look at the people who have suffered greatly and died under the pressure of living in Hollywood. Britney Murphy, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger to name a few. What are we doing to create this? What does this say about US as a whole?

Hollywood is one of the most powerful industries in the world. What happens in Hollywood reaches all parts of the globe. We are all connected. Look at the messages and the people we are advocating. Where are these messages coming from?

And notice where you want to point your finger.

What is Charlie Sheen reflecting back to us as a community, and what can we do about it?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. But I invite everyone to look at OUR stuff as a collective so that we can make conscious choices towards what is truly healthy.

In what way do we want to invest our energy and attention?

About the Author: Sura
By Sura


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