As Good As It Gets

Today I found myself over-thinking the future.  Travel plans, places to stay.. people to visit.  I found myself planning, getting caught up on dates and flights, when all of a sudden I got the message, “Stop! Live now!!”

How often do we live for the future?  So much so, that we extend our energy and attention beyond this very moment into what we perceive to be “a better moment than now.”   What if we didn’t think about what would happen next?  What if we didn’t wait for anything to happen?

It’s one thing to plan, another to live for the future.  Living for the future keeps us from living in the now.  When we are present, it is as if THIS is the most precious, important moment there is.  There isn’t something better waiting for us around the corner.  THIS is IT.  THIS is as good as it gets.


About the Author: Sura
By Sura


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