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12 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make in Their Business and How to Fix Them

When I first started coaching, I had left a lucrative career in finance and thought I had the business background I needed to launch a successful coaching business. Little did I know how difficult it would be to get a successful coaching business off the ground. I quickly found that my investing background was utterly different from what I needed to run a business.

Many times those who are in service industries go into that work to help others. However, it is just important to realize that you are becoming an entrepreneur, and you need to know how to be successful in business. You need to have a level of acumen, skill, and expertise to be successful coaching and avoid top mistakes entrepreneurs make. Remember, these business skills you will need as a new coach to help you continue doing what you love.

I want to share the 12 biggest mistakes coaches make in their business as coaching tips for you, but I want to say upfront that I have made many of these coaching failures in business and have learned from those mistakes. My intention is to offer some coaching advice on fixing these common mistakes.

Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make in Their Business

1. You Don’t Believe In Yourself or the Work You Offer

The first mistake is one of the most common coaching failures because oftentimes coaches lack self-esteem when they first begin.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not deal with why you feel this way. You may consistently have internal messages that tell you that you are not good enough or are not doing enough.

Ask yourself: Are you avoiding healing that needs to occur inside of you? Do you not trust your authentic experience? Ask yourselves the hard questions and release anything that is holding you back.

One of the coaching guidelines I give to those I am training is that it is vital to develop confidence in yourself and your work. You need to show this as part of your work and coaching consistently.

How will people get on board with you if you’re not on board with yourself? Make sure that you are working out of your passion. Let it overflow in you. Find a way to share the passion of what you do with others. You will be amazed at how this confidence and passion attracts others to you.

2. You Don’t Charge Your Real Value

Most coaches undervalue themselves. They doubt themselves and if they’re worth it.

When you don’t charge your true worth, you have to work twice as hard to make the same income. Recognize that you’re providing life-changing work. If accountants, lawyers, and bankers can make hundreds of dollars per hour, why can’t you? Your work is changing others’ lives for the better. Don’t be afraid to charge what your time and energy are worth for you.

biggest mistakes coaches make - not charging real value

3. You Try to Market to Everyone

The coaching mistake here is that you try to make every person your client rather than have the courage to name your market and find a niche.

You may think that you don’t have to limit yourself to a niche. However, when you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. This is marketing 101.

Find your target market and demographic that is your sweet spot and start there. Create a business mission and hone in on your audience and how you want to impact them.

You can always start with this base and expand to others. Better to start focused and expand from there.

For more information on expanding your business and when read “Take Your Work Online and Expand Your Business

4. You Keep Overgiving

You feel a calling to help others. You’re a natural giver. Giving and helping are your passion, but people who always give often overstretch their energy.

Yes, coaching is about giving, but it’s also about receiving. You must renew yourself regularly to continue giving to others. Receiving for your sacred work is important. It’s vital to have a balance, otherwise, you’ll get burned out.

People who give all the time can be hypervigilant about meeting the needs of others while neglecting their own selves in the process. The key is to feel confident in your work and stay centered rather than abandon what you truly need to rejuvenate yourself.

5. You Don’t Have Clear, Healthy Boundaries

You are likely to experience this from the common mistake above if you’re an over giver. Coaches may find they don’t practice healthy boundaries with themselves or with their clients. Many people who fall into this category may be coaching friends or family members for free rather than charging them for the professional services you offer.

Symptoms of this mistake also appear regularly with clients. For example, you go over your time on sessions regularly. You also may put so much energy into your individual sessions that you have no more energy to grow your business with creative projects or finding new clients. You lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Learn to set aside time for yourself. Spend time focusing on your business goals and dreams. Put in the effort you need to keep yourself financially healthy as well. Schedule these priorities on your calendar to make conscious space for what’s important to you.

common coaching mistaskes - setting boundaries

6. You Focus On the Wrong Things

Too often, beginner coaches focus on small things that are easy to complete, but don’t truly impact your business. This includes things like administrative tasks rather than the actual work that brings revenue to your business.

Make sure you’re focusing on the most important things that impact your bottom line directly. It may take more energy to contact people and network, market, and share about your business, but it is always worth building your business.

Use your time in the morning to focus on the things that most impact your business. This is when you are most fresh. Save the admin tasks for later in the day.

The primary portion of your work is coaching others. Learn how to teach meditation online to get more sessions from the privacy of your home.

7. You Try to Do Everything Yourself

Too often, new coaches are afraid of asking people for help and receiving support. They try to be a marketer, accountant, and coach all at the same time. It is OK to ask for help. No one is good at everything, which means that everyone needs to ask for help in those areas where they fall short.

The mistake in this area means that you probably find it hard to delegate. Sometimes people think, Oh, it is just easier if I do this myself. It takes too long to explain to someone else. I know it will get done correctly if I do it.

Take small steps in handing overwork in increments. Yes, it is OK to start with the tasks that carry the most stress for you. If someone is better with a task and gifted in that area, don’t hesitate to turn over that work to them, even if it is something you feel like you should do but dread doing. Focus on your core gift.

8. You Don’t Invest In Yourself

Many people live in fear of failure and freeze with the prospect of growing their business. I often see coaches who don’t spend money on themselves or their business. They are focused only on the bottom line and hold on to everything that comes in.

If you left your mainstream job to become a coach, understand there are still investments to be made to generate income. Oftentimes, you need business training to manage your new business.

You need to spend money to make money, such as advertising or renovating. Be willing to invest in yourself and your business so that you can grow and expand your work.

9. You Hold Your Work so Closely That You Never Release It

When creating and offering content, whether it’s social media, a blog post, a course, or a book, you spend so much time perfecting it that you never actually release it.

Done is better than perfect. Be willing to create your work and let it go. If you have trouble doing this, hire an editor your can trust. Be willing to put yourself out there and move on.

Learn more about ways that you can help others and make money as part of your work “How to Make Money as a Meditation Teacher and Coach

10. You’re Not Grounded

Many people float around from one thing to another. They are constantly getting training in certifications or following the latest trend. This way of living is ungrounded and can lead to frustration and stagnation.

To create anything real, you need to be grounded. You need to be connected to the Earth and all its realities. The roots of a tree grow deep so that its branches can reach far and wide. This is how grounding helps us expand our work.

People who are ungrounded are often inconsistent — their words don’t match their actions. They may prioritize the spiritual world over the physical world. When you’re ungrounded, you’ll find it exponentially challenging to create and move forward in the real world.

11. You’re Not Willing to Put In the Real Work

Are you willing to bank the real hours it takes to be successful?

Are you willing to work as many hours as you did a regular job? Do you have the same commitment level to your own work as someone else who is paying you to work?

What’s often lacking for successful coaches are patience and perseverance. A business is like a marathon. Think of it for the long run. Make it a daily spiritual practice.

Set realistic goals and know it takes 3-5 years to develop a strong coaching practice. You can learn common challenges along the way from a mentor or an experienced coach.

12. You’re Afraid to Speak Your Truth and be Yourself

Some people say they love their work but aren’t willing to commit themselves fully to it. Maybe they are holding on to another line of work. Maybe they don’t want people to misunderstand them or scare people off, so they end up watering down their offerings, and their message.

Say what you want to say. Be yourself. Reveal your truth to your clients. This habit will draw to you those who you can most help. This group will become your tribe. You will benefit from them as well. To hide it is not to be true to yourself or others. Sure, you’ll meet those who disagree with you, but that is OK. They are not your clients.

be yourself

These 12 tips will hopefully free you from making those common mistakes as you launch into meditation coaching. If you are interested in learning more, our certified meditation coach training, LIBERATE, includes business training and makes it easier for you to focus on what you love.

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How to Fix the 12 Most Common Coaching Mistakes?

  1. You don’t believe in yourself or the work you offer. Develop confidence and stay grounded in your passion.
  2. You don’t charge your real value. Recognize that you are changing lives through your work and charge for how you value your time.
  3. You try to market to everyone. Develop your niche and mission and expand later.
  4. You keep overgiving. Don’t overextend. Stay grounded.
  5. You don’t have clear, healthy boundaries. Draw boundaries that consider yourself.
  6. You focus on the wrong things. Focus on what grows your business.
  7. You try to do everything yourself. Delegate to others and focus on your strengths.
  8. You don’t invest in yourself. Spend money to make money.
  9. You hold your work so closely that you never release it. Learn to let go and let your work flourish.
  10. You’re not grounded. Stay with your heart and passions. Grow deep roots there.
  11. You’re not willing to put in the real work. Work your coaching as you would a full-time job.
  12. You’re afraid to speak your truth and be yourself. Speak your truth to attract others who are like-minded and form your tribe.

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