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Buildling Spiritual Stamina: Healing Signs

When people first experience healing, they are beyond themselves.  They cannot believe what can happen with a few essential oils, singing bowls, or hands-on healing.  Maybe they had an out of body experience during shavasana in yoga class.  Whatever the modality is, one can never under-estimate the power of healing intent.

What people don’t often realize is that healing, though subtle, can be life changing. It comes with it’s own set of side-effects.  Healing is unique to the individual, it depends on where s/he is in her life, how open she is to receiving, and willing to do her own healing work.

The potency of the healing force, once activated, carries itself through the entire mind-body-soul.  Your thoughts may begin changing, the things that used to bother you don’t anymore, or perhaps the people and activities that you used to enjoy don’t interest you now.  You might notice your body changing, your food preferences changing and your energy levels fluctuating.  Your emotions will have more depth.  You will feel things more intensely. And your intuition will begin to increase meaningfully.

You may feel peaceful, more content.  But you might wonder, why am I so tired?  As things reorganize and you bring back lost parts of your own soul that have fragmented through trauma, you will often need more rest and downtime to integrate. Some people feel super energized.  Imagine the Avatars getting their new bodies in “Avatar.”  They need time to readjust and integrate their powerful, spiritual bodies.  It’s like running a DSL line through dial-up.  There can be some energy flow issues!

If you are on the inner path, keep in mind anything goes.  Your life might become chaos and change drastically.  Don’t worry, it’s a sign of growth.  You’re not crazy.  Be patient and loving towards yourself.  The planetary consciousness is changing and so are we.  We’re downloading new software, but we’re on the old hardware system.  Do not resist what is happening.  Allow it to unfold and be present to it.  Be sure to drink good quality water (lemon/alkalized), eat fresh, wholesome foods, move your body in a way that feels good to you.  Spending time in nature, grounding and being quiet will also help.  Yoga & meditation are grounding.

Nurture.  Allow.  Be.

Write me if you have questions or need extra resources.  I love Julia Cameron’s “Artists Way” (for anyone, not just artists!!).  The morning pages are hugely resourceful and insightful.

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