How Can Meditation Help With Feelings of “Not Enough?”

Everyone has that feeling of “not enough” money, resources, sleep, and energy throughout a typical day. Perhaps you feel that who you are is not enough. We may feel that in order to be “enough,” we have to do more, create more, be more. We buy into a way of living that thwarts us out of balance and has us striving constantly for energy to be fulfilled. It’s easy to get caught up in an illusion of a hamster wheel of constantly feeling you must prove, perform, and produce.

Where does that inner feeling of “not enough” come from? Why are we programmed to feel this way?

Our conditioning of what “should be” every day is influenced by our societal drive, expectations, and the media. This leaves us feeling empty – of never being settled and full. Meditation shows us that feelings of “not enough” are a state of mind and not necessarily a reflection of the truth. It teaches us wisdom for healthy living: how to slow down and fully be in the present moment.

Constant striving for “more” from a place of lack puts us in a blind cycle of suffering. Through quiet reflection, we know that who we are is inherently worthy, whole and complete. This knowing allows us to be more present. It is possible to live with fullness and relaxation while working towards the things that need to be accomplished with a sense of ease and joy.

The next time you feel “not enough” creeping into your consciousness, stop and breathe. Become aware. See if it’s true, or if you’re buying into an illusion. Then focus on what truly brings you joy.

About the Author: Sura
Hi, I'm Sura, a corporate VP turned Meditation Coach. Currently, I run global online trainings for leaders & coaches. I love sharing FLOW, an effortless meditation approach that cultivates true health, relaxation & prosperity.


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