I don’t know anyone who isn’t going through a life change right now.  So many people it seems are re-considering their lifestyle, their work, their relationships.   Change can often bring up discomfort because of the fear of the unknown.   But it is the way we deal with change that matters most, because change is inevitable.

What I feel is most important is to get really present with the changes that are happening.  This means, giving yourself the time and space to be with all that is happening in your life.  What are you feeling and sensing?  What changes have you been noticing?

I’ve discovered that a valuable resource for change is self-observation.  We can observe ourselves through the changes that are occurring in our lives.  Notice the inner-dialogue, the resistance, the flow of what’s going on.  Watch yourself as if you were watching a movie.  Practice neutrality and notice when you get lost in the drama.  Where are you allowing, or not allowing, for change to happen in your life?

We can simply be aware and through that awareness, notice where things naturally flow.  Simply noticing without judgment allows for change to happen with greater ease.

About the Author: Sura
By Sura


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