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Creating Vision Through Inquiry

Turning on the news, it’s easy to feel down about what’s wrong in the world.  It’s been said that it’s easier for the brain to focus on negativity.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows.  Where do you tend to place your attention?  What we focus on affects every aspect of our life.  We can focus our mind on negative thoughts or we can invite the mind to go higher.  Our truest motivations and perceptions affect our energy, our well-being.. the very cells of our body.


Inquiry has the power to activate our consciousness.  I invite you to take these questions and meditate on them.  Allow yourself to envision and imagine without inhibition or filter.

1)  What is your highest vision of the world? 

This could be a visual, a sense or impression.  Have you ever thought about the highest possibility for our world?  What would that be like, feel like.. look like?

2)  What is your highest vision of your community? 

What do you see for your community?  Who is your tribe?  What possibilities do you see?

3)  What is your highest vision of yourself? 

What is the greatest vision of yourself?   What are you doing?  Who are you with?   What do you envision for yourself in your local and global communities?

Notice what ideas and inspirations come through.  Take note of them.  This practice isn’t about creating a Pollyanna view of the world.  It’s about giving ourselves the freedom to create and relate to the world from a higher perspective.  How can we create a better world if we can’t even envision it?  Or even allow ourselves to dream it possible?

Inquiry and imagination have the power to invite our focus higher.  Imagine what it’d be like to fully align yourself to the highest possibility of what you see for yourself and the whole.  What would it take to live that in your everyday life?  A change of perspective, inner-feeling.. perhaps a change of attitude.  True change can only happen from within.





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