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Empty Bowels. Empty Mind.

I’ve just finished the sixth colonic of my one-month cleanse. Right now I’m eating mostly raw, grains and occasional chocolate. This is the first time I’m trying out Advanced Naturals – the 30 day organ/colonic cleanse and the flax seed mix that brushes out the inner lining of the Intestinal wall. So far so good.

The first day I had my colonic, the results were unreal. Why am I always so surprised by this? Each colonic is a miracle in itself. When I walked out of my first session, I felt like a dark cloud had lifted from my head. I could see much better! The aches and pains in my shoulders and back went away! When I thought about this, I realized that toxins from my intestines were being recirculated back into my blood stream and into my muscles. Not to mention, the colonic completely shifted my energy. I didn’t feel as sluggish or tired as I did before. I feel more energetic.

My skin is brighter, and so are my eyes. My belly is flatter. Yea!

The colon and organs are like filters for the body system. We take the time to change our car filters and house filters every once in a while. We take showers everyday. But most people NEVER clean their body filters. Imagine 30, 50, 70 years of build-up stuck in the gut. All the stuff you put through your body, it goes somewhere! Think about a dirty pipe! Not all of it gets flushed out as it’s supposed to, and that’s why colonics are not only healing, but they can also be life-saving.

The health of the colon affects the health of the entire body system. It directly affects your mind. When you are clear “down there,” you feel clear “up there.” Most of us won’t know it unless they experience it. Some of us are so toxic, that we cannot see or sense the mudstream we’re living in.

Colonics might seem gross to most, but I find them to a wonderful spiritual experience. There is a reason why most ancient spiritual text talks about the importance of fasting and cleansing. It deepens our spiritual connection and our inner knowing, amongst many other things. Remember Jesus after his 40 day fast??

Whenever I fast, I feel like I can do anything. At first, I’m weak, tired and cranky from all the toxins leaving my body. But afterwards, I feel like super woman. I feel better in my body, clearer, emptier, and more myself. Then I fall off the bandwagon and start all over again.

If your mind is wiggy and your body is achy, it could be your gut.

Any questions, please ask.

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