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Enlightened Cities

Every city I travel to is like entering a new world.  There are some places that I affectionately refer to as “enlightened”, where the energy feels lighter, the people kinder, the pace slower.  Carlsbad is one of the cities.  It is next to Encinitas in southern California, about 30 mins north of San Diego.  Something about the vibe here brings an exorbitant amount of yoga studios and spiritual centers.   I recently went to the Soul Center where they teach “metaphysical yoga”, practice yoga to crystal bowls and talk about ascended masters.  Talk about amping up your yoga practice!

This area is home to the Chopra Center at the La Costa Resort and Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Center, where beautiful meditation gardens overlook the ocean.

Driving down the 101, you see businesses called, “Divinity“, “Magical Child” & “St. Germains Cafe.

One has to wonder, “what is happening in these cities?”  Places like Portland, Mt. Shasta and the B.C. Islands seem to have taken quantum leaps in awareness, where people actively conserve the environment and openly support each other in community.  There seem to be places in the world that are conducive to a spiritual lifestyle, that activate a special energy within you, and support you in who you truly are. Ultimately, you can take these experiences with you anywhere, but sometimes it helps to be in a place that nourishes your being, where you don’t feel rushed and can really immerse yourself in a safe place to be and grow.

While I was in Bellingham, WA, north of Seattle, I saw this sign for a music school.  It felt like a glimpse into the future.  It is The Amadeus Project, “Where Students are Guided & Encouraged to Create Music that Reflects Their Own Unique Soul.” 

That just blew me away.

There is no doubt, consciousness is rising.  It seems to be percolating and sprouting in certain places.. it is just a matter of time before we reach a tipping point.  This is probably what they meant by 2012, a New Earth, a new way of living that reflects who we truly are.

Floodgates, get ready to open!

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