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Guided Meditation for Motivation

We all suffer from procrastination and a lack of motivation– whether it’s avoiding going to the gym, cleaning, or even taking action on your soul’s calling.

Meditation gives us the courage and insight to face our blocks. Procrastination is fear, masked. When we procrastinate, we resist. We know we should be doing something to move forward, but we don’t take action. So, what’s behind the resistance?

Meditation gives us the calm and center to access our own clear insight when we procrastinate. It helps us move through the fear of moving forward and creating good in our lives. Enjoy this guided coaching meditation designed to help you move through your own obstacles, motivating you to easily take action on your next steps!

Unlock Your Power
Unlock Your Power

Discover a fresh, 3-step
approach to meditation.

Includes webinar, minicourse & free chapter.

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