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HIV: A Perfect Part of The Plan

I met Aga out one night dancing in a little Brazilian cafe called “Frutti’s.” We blasted the music and danced our hearts out. I instantly noticed Aga’s radiance and fell in love with her positive spirit. We had much fun dancing and laughing that night. The next day I ran into her, we sat down and she shared her life story with me. I was so inspired by it, I wanted to share it with you.

When Aga was 16, while living in Poland, she took one drug injection, the first and last of her life, and got HIV. When she found out, she lived in a state of denial and shock, but later Aga decided that since she didn’t know how long she would live, she would enjoy every minute of her life. She left her home, her school and her country. Eventually, Aga got married and moved to London.

Four years ago, at age 26, Aga developed full-blown AIDS. She knew she had to go back to her family in Poland. Aga started her journey back home on a plane and woke up in a hospital bed. Unable to move or talk, she found her entire body connected to IV’s. With such a low T-cell count, Aga was very close to death. The doctors advised her friends and family to say good-bye. During that time, Aga was aware that her friends & family were there and very sad for her. As she tells me the story, she laughs and says “I felt bad for them!”

When Aga was close to death, she experienced what she called “the best part of her life.” While she was losing consciousness, she felt as though she was falling down a deep hole while simultaneously being lifted to a high, beautiful light. She felt very safe and peaceful. She knew deep in her heart, “whatever happens, everything is perfect.” Aga saw a tremendous light surrounding her in a state of unconditional love. She felt deeply drawn to the light and wanted to cross over. Suddenly, Aga experienced a deep surge of energy enter her body. She describes this feeling as being filled with light. 2 weeks later, she could stand on her own. It was considered a miracle.

Aga knew then that she had the power to heal herself. She realized that everything is energy, even AIDS. “It’s just an energy!” she proclaims. Aga says that her healing has come from experiencing the joy in the simple things in life. The gratitude she feels for being able to stand up and go to the bathroom on her own, which she couldn’t do before in the hospital. The joy she feels from having a delicious cup of soup. She is even grateful for HIV because it started her on the journey of her inner path.

The most important thing Aga feels she has learned is how to accept everything in the moment without thinking “how will my life be” or “how will things turn out.”

Here’s Aga talking about her near death experience:


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