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How Sex is like Meditation

People often tell me that they want to start a meditation practice but don’t know how.  They don’t realize they’ve been doing it through various activities they might not consider “meditation.”

Meditation is essentially a flow.  It’s a state of being.  When the thinking mind is disengaged, we are in a state of connection.  People have described it as being in the zone, where everything is ONE.  People also experience this when they are completely absorbed in doing what they love.  They lose themselves in the what they are doing and their sense of time.   What happens to time when you’re having fun??

Why do you think people enjoy sex so much?  What are you thinking about when you’re having sex?   The thoughts of past memories, to do lists, what am I gonna do tomorrow, all fall away.  You aren’t living in your head anymore, you’re absorbed in your feeling experience.  You are in the moment.  And at the point of orgasm, you experience a state of momentary bliss – total connection and loss of awareness of self.  This also happens in deep states of meditation.

Tantric sex is a way of raising awareness, sensitivity and pleasure.  It’s a meditative act.  But the truth is, we can use this awareness anywhere.  In front of our computer, talking to a friend, washing the dishes.  The point is, when you cultivate a practice of awareness, you are simply learning to be present in the moment – with or without sex.

In my own experience, meditation not only makes sex better, but everything better.  Think HD vs. SD.

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