How To Shift Stress in the Moment

Our mind is often the biggest cause of our stress. What it perceives and thinks can layer our experience and make things seem more stressful than they really are. The mind is like a booby-trap, it’s filled with circular thinking and past thoughts. Instead of trying to change the mind with the mind, here’s a tool that I personally use to shift negative thoughts and stress in the moment. I took this video with my iPhone, so the audio needs some adjusting, but I hope you get the gist of the message and find helpful in your own life. I’d love to hear your experience with it.


About the Author: Sura
Hi, I'm Sura, a corporate VP turned Meditation Coach. Currently, I run global online trainings for leaders & coaches. I love sharing FLOW, an effortless meditation approach that cultivates true health, relaxation & prosperity.


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