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Island Travel Adventure

Of all the places I’ve traveled, the B.C. islands continue to be my favorite place to rest and recharge. Being surrounded by water, massive trees and gentle mountains make it a haven for my spirit to soar and feel free. The feeling is visceral and people often comment on the way they feel when they’re on the island. I describe it as a place with “no cap.” It’s a wide open space where everything feels possible. You can be anyone, do anything. The way people describe Salt Spring is that it’s easy to be who you are. I couldn’t agree more.


Salt Spring is a wacky, not-so-little island of 10,000 inhabitants year round. They call “the rock” as it’s said that Salt Spring is on a crystal bed of rock. You can often see quartz crystal through the ground when you’re hiking. There are about 30 artist studios that span the island, a famous Saturday farmer’s market and a handful of swimming lakes. The community is tight-knit but very accepting of weirdness and eccentricities that often come with island living.

The other day, they had a special “tour” amongst the southern B.C. islands. You could visit the other islands for free by sailboat. I opted to go to Galiano and Mayne which are close in proximity to Salt Spring Island, just a 10 minute sailboat ride. Both islands have about 1,000 inhabitants. It was the first time I had visited another smaller island since being here. I was astounded when I got off the boat and entered Retreat Cove in Galiano island. The peace was incredible. It was even more peaceful than Salt Spring.

But our day was filled with more than peace.  We had adventure!  Crazy synchronicities, funny obstacles and unexpected weather. A big yellow bus stopped as we were walking down the street in the rain, just before a major downpour. “Hey, you want to take a 15 minute spin??,” a man called Tommy Transit, asked us.  We got on a big empty bus and were each handed instruments.  We had no idea where the bus was actually going.  Then this happened:

My friend Cristina and I couldn’t stop giggling.  It was delightful.  Nothing felt serious.  This is what I love about island life.  Do whatever you want, no one will think you’re weird.

In different places and dimensions, we get to know ourselves differently.  Even when we go back to the same place we have known before, we become a different person in the same place with new eyes. When we change things up, we get to experience life in a whole new way.

What adventure is calling you? Hey — what are you waiting for?

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