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Join our Meditation for Anxiety & Overwhelm Course!

Dec 9-13th!

Join our FREE 5 Day Mini-Course:
LIVE December 9th – 13th!

Many people silently suffer from anxiety. The holidays are right around the corner and with that, it can often bring up anxious feelings that make you feel stressed.

With our modern lifestyle, it’s hard NOT to feel overwhelmed and anxious. If you struggle with feelings from overwhelm, I invite you to join our FREE 5-day Meditation for Anxiety & Overwhelm Minicourse.

Anxiety is linked to worry, depression, and chronic stress. It robs you of your health and well-being. People often try meditation to curb their anxiety and find it’s not effective or can make their anxiety worse.

I’ll talk about this and more during our LIVE course that starts December 9th.

Our Minicourse is a multifaceted offering where I’ll be sharing energy tools and techniques to help you release anxiety with consistent practice.

You’ll get to witness LIVE meditation coaching for anxiety and speak with experts including best-selling author Dr. Rick Hanson.

In this course you’ll:

1) Understand anxiety from an energetic point of view
2) Receive effective tools and techniques to release anxiety
3) Experience more calm, peace and energy

>> Learn more visit this link and sign up.

Seats are limited to 100 LIVE participants.

I’m very excited to be sharing about this topic, one that affects the lives of so many people. If you know
someone who would be interested in this subject, please forward them this link event.

Thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate your positive energy and are honored to serve you.

Unlock Your Power
Unlock Your Power

Discover a fresh, 3-step
approach to meditation.

Includes webinar, minicourse & free chapter.

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