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How to Know if You Are Living Your True Purpose

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re on your right path?

Well, there’s no way to not live your path, but when you’re living your true purpose, there’s no doubting it. You will feel it. You’ll know when you’re in step with your path through the blessings, positivity, and synchronicity you begin to experience, including the energy you exude. Mostly you’ll know by your inner-state.

Looking for your true purpose is about following your passions. Being connected to your passion not only infuses you with energy, it increases your sense of well-being and connection with others. Living your purpose can also help people heal and become more vitally healthy. Be mindful, however not to confuse your passion with obsession. As a workaholic, you’ll end up pushing others away and stressing out over a mounting workload. Following your true purpose gives you a sense of direction, awe, and openness.

Meditation can be instrumental in helping you discovering your true path and work in the world. A quiet practice helps you to become intimate with your own feelings, thoughts, desires and passions. By understanding and knowing yourself deeply through stillness, you’ll eventually and naturally be guided in the right direction. Coincidences will happen, or you’ll receive a message or inner-knowing. Be light and relaxed about finding your true north. It should feel like a joyful (albeit sometimes scary) adventure — not a pressure cooker!

Enjoy this guided coaching meditation to help you discover your true purpose.

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