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Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, the co-founder of, speaks to Sura about breaking out of her perfect life.

Kristina’s personal breakdown to breakthrough and some other pertinent life lessons.

Kristina had it all, she tells me. I believe her, nod and keep quiet. I know there is more to her story so I want to listen to the inevitable “.. but.”

Kristina is gorgeous, articulate, and charming.

As the co-founder of Mindvalley, a large tech educational company, people looked up to Kristina as someone who had achieved the perfect life. She had married Vishen Lakhiani, the modern-day guru of self-development, a man who built an empire focusing on personal spiritual development and lifelong learning.

Kristina indeed had an ideal life. She grew up in the Soviet Union and discovered success by the young age of 25. She dutifully did all the “right” things and made all the “right” decisions that brought her the ideal successes of life. She made a career for herself, had 2 kids and faithfully supported her husband Vishen.

Kristina had a life that people often dream of. But when she turned 40, the façade of her perfect life began to crumble. Kristina found herself having a breakdown in the bathroom of her home. She didn’t want anyone to see her, so she grieved alone.

Who could possibly understand her distress? Who was she to be so sad about such a seemingly blessed life?

Coincidentally, this interview takes place shortly before she and Vishen publically came out with their divorce to the Mindvalley community. They had been married for 19 years. You can hear aspects of this decision in the context of what she shares through the interview.

On April 5th 2019, Kristina and Vishen announced through social media that they would consciously uncouple and co-parent their children. They are light-hearted and at peace. Vishen would move into the apartment below Kristina. They would redefine love in their newly reinvented partnership.  

In the following interview, Kristina shares her view on life and the wisdom she learned to become the mother, leader and the visionary she is today. The nuggets she shares come from her own realizations. Kristina speaks openly about the importance of vulnerability, how to support your children and the power of being in touch with your emotions.

She also talks on leadership, including women in the workplace and how important it is to stand in your values, regardless of your gender. Kristina laughs as she admits she has no problem being a girly girl and enjoys wearing questionable, edgy outfits on stage.

She talks about all this and more, including much of what led her to her biggest life change. Kristina is in a tender, rich place, on the cusp of a new life and new chapter.

After having supported many other people, including well-known teachers and authors, Kristina is emerging as her own force. She is ready to express herself fully, focusing on her own path as teacher and author. Kristina has recently launched 2 new courses, “7 Days to Happiness” and “Live by Your Own Rules.” She is excited and radiant.

Kristina is here to share her message: how to find the path back to yourself. She is passionate about helping people discover their authentic path back to their true self. Kristina ends our talk by graciously emphasizing that you cannot love yourself enough.

Enjoy the interview below! We’d love to hear your questions and comments below for Kristina.

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