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meditation techniques for energy

Meditation Techniques for Energy

I love to talk about meditation techniques for energy and address both positive and negative energy. Find out here, how to work with energy in your meditation practice.

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common coaching mistakes

11 Common Coaching Mistakes

When talking about the 11 most common coaching errors, it’s a conversation open to healers, intuitive readers, health professionals, counselors, and therapists — essentially anyone working in

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how to teach meditation online

How to Teach Meditation Online

As part of LIBERATE, our meditation trainer program, perhaps the number one question I heard during the COVID epidemic was, “How do I teach meditation online?” Well,

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How to lead a meditation class

How to Lead a Meditation Class

People often ask me as a meditation coach, trainer, and the founder of, “Sura, How to lead a meditation class? What’s the best way?” These days,

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The Roadmap to Becoming a Meditation Teacher

If you feel an inner-call to share meditation, regardless of your background, age or experience, you’re likely being called to be a healing leader. What does it take to lead meditation and provide healing for others? What are the universal signs and challenges we face when you’re being asked to share your gifts with others?

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