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What is a `Meditation` Coach?
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Sura Kim Meditation Coach

Become a Leader
in a Fast Emerging Health Field

With stress and anxiety at an all time high, there is a very strong demand for meditation teachers and coaches. Meditation is a $2 billion dollar market and the coaching industry is $20 billion. By blending these powerful modalities together, you empower others to relieve stress and find clarity through highly effective coaching techniques. Become a pioneer in meditation coaching.

In the LIBERATE training, you’ll learn how to:

Start Transforming Lives

Meditation coaching is an excellent skill for

Professionals looking to
expand their leadership skills
Health practitioners,
teachers and healers
Leaders in business
and public service
High performers
and teams
People who have high stress
jobs and lifestyles
and administrators

Become a Certified Meditation Coach!


Effortlessly Lead Meditation

In our 12-week online training intensive, you will create a strong foundation for meditation. Learn different types of meditation, ways to practice, how to meditate consistently, and the benefits of meditation.

Our training includes webinar training videos, one-on-one and group practice sessions, handouts, meditation, and coaching assignments. It requires approximately 8-10 hours a week to fully participate in the intensive training. As part of the curriculum, participants will engage in various exercises, including meditation, writing, facilitating meditation & observing sessions.

Become More of Who You Are Meant to Be
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Flower in hands
Meditation during work
Diwali candle

Hello, I’m Sura

I never considered myself a healer, a teacher, or a coach. But one day this all unexpectedly changed. A former friend and client from my Wall Street days asked me for help. He was a hedge fund CEO.

I’m stressed out. Can you come over and show me what you learned in Asia? You look so peaceful. I need some of that.

I met him at his midtown office in New York City. Going in I didn’t have a clear idea how I’d help him. At the time, I was attending leadership coaching school at Georgetown.

We sat down on his carpeted office floor. Together, we practiced simple yoga poses. From there we transitioned to meditation and then I asked him a few coaching questions. At the end, I gave him a short energy healing session. We closed our session in silence.

When we were done he quietly got up, stretched, and left the office. I was alone in his office wondering what he had experienced.

Imagine my surprise when he came back with a check and tears in his eyes. He said, “this is your work.” I had no idea what I was doing, but that was the first time I began integrating yoga, coaching, healing, and meditation.

As time passed, I noticed how empowered clients felt when they knew how to release their own stress. When you’re in a centered place, answers and insight flow more easily. By combining intention together with stillness, people can experience accelerated meditation and healing results.

If you want to share inner calm with your clients, it’s important to start with yourself. We’ll teach you the tools to develop emotional resilience and show you how to guide your clients with meditative coaching.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me directly about this course. I would be honored to share this course experience with you.

Confidently Lead Individuals & Groups

Learn How to Integrate Meditation with Energy Healing & Leadership Coaching



Essentials of Meditation


Developing Focus


Creating Awareness


Refining Your Practice    

Energy Healing


Healing Through Balance


The Power of Healing Intention


Cultivating True Health


Guiding Healing Meditations

Leadership Coaching

Creative Leadership Coaching
Essentials of Effective Coaching
Integrating Meditation & Coaching
Offering Your Gifts


Weekly investment is approximately 8-10 hours a week

Complete weekly exercises to integrate your learning experience

Tuesday at 10 AM PST

Receive a weekly training webinar video (2 hours)

Streamed LIVE on Zoom with time for discussion and Q&A.

Thursday at 10 AM PST

Participate in LIVE Q&A, group coaching & practice sessions (2 hours)

Practice guiding meditation and coaching others in breakout rooms.

Find your own voice & style

What’s Included in Your 300 Hour meditation coach online training:

15 Live practice sessions with demonstrations & time for Q&A

Personal review of your 300-hr training requirements for certification

Daily mindfulness practices including meditation and journaling

12 weekly 90-120 minute intensive training video webinars

6 Bonus sessions including 60-90 minute training videos to develop your meditation coaching skills

Coaching business toolkit to take your training into the real world

Access to the private LIBERATE community site for coaches & trainees

Real, hands-on experience coaching and facilitating meditation

Personal mentorship from a senior coach, plus 1 monthly coaching session

Weekly homework, exercises & handouts

Plus, 3-year access to


Weekly Investment during 12-week Intensive: Approximately 8-10 hours.


Training meditation material after your 12-week training

Deepen your knowledge: each month after your intensive, you’ll receive an additional zoom group meeting with your cohort, two 60 minute webinars + guided practices to use with your clients.

Extra modules


Growing Your Business


Energy Healing for Deep Well-Being


The Power of Energy Communication


Mindfulness for Families


Unlocking Your Intuition


Energy Management

What You'll Receive

In The LIBERATE Meditation
Coach Training Course

Video training + LIVE hands-on practice + professional business training to launch your meditation coaching work.

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Meditation and balance

More than a meditation training, this is life-training

Your health matters. The healthier you are, the more you can achieve, create and be of service to others.

Long lasting benefits such as lowered heart rates, clearer minds, and less stress come from inside, not outside. We all need an inside practice. As a practitioner, you will find that a consistent sitting practice is instrumental to receiving the long-lasting, positive benefits of meditation. These long-lasting benefits include emotional well-being, increased focus and resilience to stress.

The clarity you receive from meditation helps to dispel the daily emotional chaos, overwhelm, and the regular demands of work and life. It not only releases stress, it improves every aspect of your life. Consider this training a course that you can take with you forever.

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Take the first steps toward becoming a Meditation Coach with a professional training:

MARCH 2025

SEPT 2024

APRIL 2024




Our trainings are fully refundable. Please opt-in to learn about our policy.


Achieve your goals & make real progress

Your Meditation Mentor

Receive Mentorship

During Your Course Training:

As part of your course experience, you’ll receive 3 one-on-one personal meditation coaching sessions with your meditation mentor. Your mentor will review all of your homework material as well as keep you accountable for your daily practice.

Global meditation community

Join A Thriving,

Global Community

Many of our trainees come from different parts of the world, from India, Europe, the Americas and Asia. They come from varied backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, professionals and coaches. The LIBERATE training is an opportunity to expand both your practice and your network with a caring group of passionate, like-minded individuals.

  • Receive accountability & support
  • Network with a global community
  • Collaborate with your peers

DEI: Diversity. Equality. Inclusivity.

Your voice can change the world.

DEI is vital to true well-being. Our mission is to cultivate diversity amongst teachers of all backgrounds and voices. Contact us to learn more about our BIPOC program.

Learn How to Launch

A Successful Meditation Coaching Business

LIBERATE is one of the only certified meditation trainings that provides real business support and tools. Learn how to create a viable profession as a meditation coach.


Provide one-on-one coaching sessions or private meditation lessons


Learn to lead groups through classes, workshops, retreats, and course offerings

Generate a healthy income. Launch your own business offering with our professional toolkit

Meditation Business Toolkit

Be Free to Work Anywhere.

As a Meditation Teacher or Coach you can:

Our trainings are fully refundable. Please opt-in to learn about our policy.

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Learn a restorative, effortless approach to sharing meditation

I’ve learned that leaders are more powerful when they can internally let go.

True strength comes from our ability to be soft when we’re compassionately open and present to those who are around us. Resilience is our ability to bounce back and adapt to crisis and stressful events. Our ability to cultivate true emotional resilience expands when we are aware, connected, and grounded.

Meditation is a dynamic practice that allows us to create inner-strength that we can learn to apply in our everyday life. When we learn to find our center in the throes of everyday life, we become skillful at navigating periods of uncertainty and transition that our clients often experience as they expand to the next level.

In the LIBERATE course program we offer essential meditation techniques to cultivate flow, focus and insight.

We teach a softer, effortless approach, Sura Flow, that emphasizes relaxation and creative visualization. The course gives you an opportunity to develop your own practice so that you can teach directly from your own experience. We have found that this is the most effective way to transmit the spirit of meditation.

Our integrative approach allows you to skillfully develop the ability to be present, fluid and responsive in any given situation. You’ll learn how to apply “in the moment” healing tools for meditation and leadership coaching. You’ll also experience the power of coaching with a meditative mindset and how it consistently empowers your clients to receive higher insight, clarity and calm.

Our Professional Trainings

Have been sponsored by corporations
and universities. Ask your employer today about sponsorship opportunities.

Become a Confident Meditation Teacher

Graduate Success Stories

After the training, many of our trainees go right into teaching and guiding meditation for others. They teach at meditation & yoga studios, they create their own courses, or they expand their business with meditation. You can expand your business with classes, workshops, and retreats. Our trainees are successful at bringing meditation into the real world through our course content.

Author & Meditation Coach
Heather Glidden

Author & Meditation Coach

During the LIBERATE training, Heather wrote her first best-selling Amazon book, “Thrive in Your Healing Business.” A studio owner herself, she coaches other practitioners to receive abundance in their professional businesses.

Kelsey Merdian

Meditation Instructor

Kelsey started teaching at a major meditation studio in Chicago called Chill during the LIBERATE training and continues to teach at large events.

Meditation coach
Wynn Burkett

Author & Meditation Coach

After graduating from the LIBERATE course, Wynn completed her book, “The Power of Mindful Parenting.” She hosts successful workshops for parents who want to apply compassionate and mindful tools for parenting their teens.

Graduate success stories:

Testimonials From Our Graduates

Receive Business Support

In Launching Your Meditation Services

View Lisa Todd's Meditation Circle

As part of the LIBERATE course we help you create your
first meditation offer and to promote it.

Read more praise!

Dr. Satish Chadha


Former meditation student
Steven Evans
Meditation Coach
Former meditation student
Dr. Keya

Meditation Coach

Former student
Victor Padilla

MBSR Spiritual Meditation Coach

Meditation coaching student
Lisa Marie Todd

Meditation Coach

Meditation coaching student
Corina Pall

Meditation Coach

Former meditation student
Chandni Gudka

Meditation Coach

Former meditation student
Arturo Venecia

Meditation Coach

Former meditation student
Summer Sanders


Donna Apilado-Schumacher

Meditation Coach

Former meditation student
Michelle Paul

Executive Director

Former meditation student
Shilpa Lewis

Meditation Coach

Frequently asked questions

All of our courses are held online. In the future, we may offer in person training retreats. Stay tuned!

Our next training begins early 2025.  We usually host LIBERATE once or twice per year.

The course takes 6 months to complete. The first 12 modules of the program are held on a weekly basis, and include (required) weekly homework, readings, and coaching support and feedback.

The 3 months following the 12-week intensive are considered self-study with 1 LIVE zoom session a month, and include 6 webinars and homework. If you are on the certified path you will be required to complete pro-bono coaching and facilitate group meditations.

Certificates are awarded at the end of the 6-month training once all certification requirements have been submitted and reviewed.

During the 12-week intensive, we will meet LIVE on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM PST. (2 hour sessions) On Tuesday, webinar trainings are streamed LIVE and accompanied by a short discussion. If you are unable to attend, we will send you a recording of the webinar and discussion. On Thursday, you will have the opportunity to attend one of our interactive group sessions that include practice, group coaching, and time for Q&A. Recordings will be provided.

If you’d like to become certified, we strongly recommended that you take part in as many live sessions as possible. We make exceptions for those who live in time zones that don’t allow you to attend LIVE. You’ll receive replays to all of the sessions and be partnered with a buddy for additional practice.

You will receive access the the training materials through your course platform for 3 years. All resources and handouts may be downloaded within that timeframe. 

Yes, we can arrange for you to speak to someone who has taken our training so you can learn more about their experience.

LIBERATE is an accredited program endorsed by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance, a reputable organization that accredits top-tier meditation teacher trainings. Although there is no singular regulatory authority for meditation instructors, our certifications have held recognition among leading companies worldwide and received sponsorship from top universities.

Coaches can make a wide range, from pro bono coaching to $2,000 an hour. First time meditation coaches can expect to make $50-150/hour. As you gain more experience, you can charge more per hour ($200/hr plus). What you decide to charge is entirely up to you.

You can start teaching and facilitating meditation after the 12-week course. Our trainees have received professional teaching positions after the 12 week intensive, however, we recommend everyone participating in the program to start their pro bono coaching practice to gain experience immediately after the intensive course ends.

No experience is required to take the LIBERATE course.

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Ready to Go Deeper?

Become A Certified Meditation Coach
You're invited to learn more about LIBERATE.
Meditation coaching student
Dr. Satish Chadha


I had an extremely positive experience. I have done a lot of courses on yoga and meditation but this training surpasses all.

Meditation coaching student
Steven Evans

Meditation Coach

Before finding LIBERATE, I was exploring meditation, healing, and spirituality on my own. And as much as I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else, I found myself often times overwhelmed and not grounded. This program gave me the grounding and community I needed. It gave me the tools to effectively explore my own spiritual self and to heal from my emotional blocks with ease. This experience was priceless in the sense that it gave me the courage to embrace who I am and to value my own worth among other things.

Meditation coaching student
Dr. Keya

Meditation Coach

I am very glad I signed up for the Liberate course which was highly recommended by a friend. I feel the course has given me the ability to change the direction of my career in medicine. I can now use the tools and material to build my own meditation coaching practise but at the same time incorporate my skills and experience as a doctor. As an unexpected benefit the course also taught me how to look after myself more, which has been life-changing. Thank-you.

Meditation coaching student
Victor Padilla

MBSR Spiritual Meditation Coach

The program was truly a beautiful experience that I can tell was created from a loving heart centered place. I feel that it truly lived up to its name because it absolutely allowed for flow. I’m so grateful that I was able to experience this for myself. I came into the program feeling not confident, unsure of my ability to be a coach, and like a beginner. I’m ending the program with much more confidence, ready to take on coaching, and I don’t feel so much like a beginner anymore. I feel connected to my calling more than ever. Thank you Sura and team. Truly truly such beautiful souls you all are.

Meditation coaching student
Lisa Marie Todd

Entrepreneur, Personal Development and Meditation Coach

The Liberate Intensive was an amazing and transformative experience. Sura’s guidance and the program went beyond my expectations. I’ve learned so much about meditation, about myself, and others during this program. I started the Liberate intensive journey at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. It proved to me that timing is everything, and people and events enter your life at the right time. I highly recommend the 12-week Liberate intensive with all my heart. It will change your life and guide you to help change the lives of others.

Meditation coaching student
Corina Pall
Meditation Coach

It was the most amazing spiritual journey I have been on so far. I have done a few coaching trainings in the past, but I still felt like something was missing from my coaching practice. Learning how to ground, connect, and center myself through guided meditation and the energy healing component was actually what was missing from my own practice. I can’t wait to go out there and change lives. The course has its price but what I received in return it’s priceless. I am set for life.

Meditation coaching student
Chandni Gudka
Meditation Coach

It’s helped me manage my anxiety and become a lot more aware of my emotions. I was really struggling with losing my job at the beginning of the course – and was feeling very scattered. I think the timing of this course coincided really well with the lockdown – allowing me a lot more time to focus on myself and I’ve loved every second of it. Twelve weeks on I feel a lot more grounded and mentally focused.

Meditation coaching student
Arturo Venecia
Meditation Coach

This class exceeded my expectations. The content was life-changing. The Instruction was easy to follow & understand. The live coaching sessions were a great way to apply the learning.

Meditation coaching student
Summer Sanders


The Liberate course helped me realize my own limitless potential in my personal and work life by helping me organically become aware of any personal blocks and limitations in a methodical and empowering way. I feel more in tune with my wants/needs/desires and I feel like I have the means to manifest my goals and aspirations.

I would not have assumed this course would include a strong sense of community as it is carried out via technology, but the virtual aspect actually opens the door to more of a global camaraderie than I could have imagined with the realization that we are all people with similar experiences in life. The willingness to share vulnerabilities and allow ourselves to adopt new perspectives is incredibly touching. It made the synchronicities and similarities of everyone’s transformation feel even more powerful…like we are all connected on the soul level.

Meditation coaching student
Donna Apilado-Schumacher

Meditation Coach

LIBERATE has been transformational for me. It has given me the tools to move through my life with higher awareness, more presence, confidence and calm. It has also helped me develop my intuition and have greater confidence in myself as a healer. Most of all it has helped me gain greater clarity as to what’s truly important in my life and align my values and emotions to my thoughts and my actions. I am embracing my power!

Meditation coaching student
Michelle Paul

Executive Director

I have developed a practice that brings me much delight; I find that I am more connected and compassionate with myself. At work, I am more grounded and present. Prior to this course, my energy was always spent and I pretty much operated in a trance. Now, I am so much more aware of being in my body and handling my conversations, meetings, and daily decisions from a centered perspective. I am not allowing myself to be entangled with my employee’s feelings and stress. I am learning to stay grounding in my energy and let them use theirs. This course has been a treasure sent from God.

Meditation coaching student
Shilpa Lewis

Meditation Coach

The Sura Flow Liberate training is immensely informative, and holistically engaging (covering a variety of meditation techniques as well as healing modalities). The rich content is deeply comprehensive, thorough, and unique tied to Sura’s journey and personal stories of self healing and growth. Each week revealed layers of new information that helped me further refine my knowledge, and my personal meditation practice. Sura is very professional, yet her gentle feminine energy makes you feel held and supported in your journey, as you learn how to become a meditation coach.

Malick testimonial photo
Malick Khan

NLP Master Training & Meditation Coach

Hyderabad, India

I have been through many trainings in the past, but have never experienced anything as profound as Sura’s courses. At the heart of all that she does is ‘honesty’. You could tell that everything in the course is tailored to bring about an exponential transformation in the participants. The sense of security and safety that is created by her allows you to share the darkest travels of your mind and reconcile with those parts effortlessly.

This training is certainly a hidden gem, and I am so happy to have come across this one in my life. If I could, I would take this course every year to unearth some new discoveries within myself. My heartfelt congratulations on creating something so unique, Sura!

Meditation student photo
Jesika Harmon

Meditation Coach

My experience in the Liberate program has been everything I hoped it would be, and more. The experience and tools that I have been given through participating in this course have already proven useful not only in my personal life, but in my home with my family. The Liberate training has opened my eyes and helped me become more of the mother I want to be to my children, who have become little “clients” as I have used the power of meditation coaching. And the skills and practices I have learned in Liberate have been priceless in helping me support a husband who is an entrepreneur in the early stressful stages of building a business. I have been so grateful that this course has taught me how to look at difficult situations from a neutral place, allowing me to explore my feelings, find positive, actionable solutions, and grow through the process. My stress level has gone down, and my trust level in the Divine has gone up in significant ways. I am so grateful!

Desiree Sher

Author, Life Coach & Speaker

Vancouver, B.C

I will be forever grateful I clicked on the link to learn more about LIBERATE meditation coaching!! During this course, I discovered a new path of helping my clients that is bringing them more ‘A-HA!’ moments that are richer, deeper and, they are arriving at sooner. The lessons not only gave me a container to combine my spiritual, energetic and intuitive skills with coaching, but also guided me personally to where I feel more confident as a coach, and healer.

I have invested a lot of time and money in courses over the last ten years, but this course at Sura Flow was THE best investment I ever made for my coaching business, and myself!

Teresa former meditation student
Teresa Smith

Peaceful Soul Life Coaching

Atlanta, Georgia

Sometimes you meet a person and you just know that something truly awesome and amazing is going to happen – not knowing what or when but trusting the Creator’s plan. That has been my experience with Sura from the moment we first connected. An “intentional” chance click on a link for a free webinar on meditation confirmed what was already stirring inside! When the opportunity to be a part of the LIBERATE training at Sura Flow presented itself, God and the Universe brought it all together.

Sura, thank you for creating such an amazing program. Everything from start to finish has I am FOREVER changed because of Sura and her program.

Former Meditation student photo
Abigail McFarland

Founder of Mindful Milk

The Sura Flow Meditation Coach course is a game changer, a life altering experience and a meditation center who truly cares for my success in my field. It’s a complete system that set me up to not only be a meditation teacher, but to stand out in the meditation field with also life coaching and healing. Allowing me to give my clients more and to offer something unique and special. It changed my life in so many awesome ways! I now have the mindset I need to be my best self, so I can serve my clients better. If your on the fence with this course, just do it! Its worth every penny!

Our former student photo
Anshu Kapoor

Meditation Coach

The most impressive thing about the course is the content. It is designed in a comprehensive way covering all aspects of meditation, coaching and integrating it with healing making it different from other courses. The program helped me realise that no matter what, you can be anything with determination and constructive boundaries. I still remember Sura always saying’ Every Voice Matters’. Sura is a great mentor and human being.