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Living on the Beach

I love snow, but Michigan winter was getting me down.  My skin was dry and flakey and my body was tense from subzero temps!  I decided to book a trip somewhere warm.  That’s when I discovered the Sivananda Yoga Center in the Bahamas from a random yoga nidra youtube video.  You must check this video out.  It is very good.  The first clip of the video shows waves of the clear blue ocean.  That pretty much sold me, along with the awesome yoga nidra, and within a week I booked my trip.

The moment the plane landed, I felt my whole body relax. You could feel the humidity on the plane, even before the doors opened.  Amazing what a little warmth can do for the muscles.

I was excited to learn that there would be some interesting presenters here, including Dan Millman, author of “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”  He was gracious enough to grant me an interview, and talks about his personal story, when he faced a tragic motorcycle accident when he was training for the Olympics.  He also talks about his new book, “The Creative Compass.”  Dan was kind enough to do a life purpose reading for me that I found to be uncannily accurate.  You can check yours here if you like.  His book goes into more detail.  Stay tuned for the video interview!

My favorite quote from Dan from the interview:  “Faith is the courage to live as if everything that happens is for our highest good and learning.”

There are a plethora of amazing people here from around the world. There are well over 200 yogis here, and I’m currently attending the Peace Symposium, which consists of world thought leaders who promote peace through yoga and spirituality.  We have Elaine Valdov here, a UN representative, and a Zen Clown who demonstrates the importance of using humor to promote peace and good vibes.

I am staying in a tent hut on the beach. Lots of people stay in tent huts here, or bring their own gear.  It is on the beach and has electricity, wifi and a bed!

They offer yoga by the beach two times a day.

A typical ashram meal.  All veggies.

I find the ocean very healing.  I hope you are treating yourself to something nourishing.  I believe our greatest super powers are self-love and self-nurturing.  When we do this, we can do anything.

For now, I’m sending warm wishes from the Bahamas.

Love, Sura

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