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Meditation for Relaxation

Meditation for Compassion

When we’re hard on ourselves or judgmental of others, we suffer. We might find ourselves having a shut down, internal experience, while on the outside

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Meditating with Intention

What do you really want? Many people don’t give themselves full permission to harness and own their true desires. Whether it’s fear of selfishness or

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Living on the Beach

I love snow, but Michigan winter was getting me down.  My skin was dry and flakey and my body was tense from subzero temps!  I

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Spiritual Journey

When MLK Hit Rock Bottom

  Friends, to honor Martin Luther King today, I wanted to share one of the most inspiring stories I know about King, one that many

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Give the Gift of Presence

I was in Chicago over Thanksgiving and made the mistake of going to Whole Foods right before Turkey day.  It was totally packed.  They were

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Surrender to “ISness”

When I first received the inspiration to produce Sura Flow, “Self-Discovery Yoga,”  the message I received from spirit was “Sura, help show people how to

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Relationships Are Energy

I absolutely loved Sarah Kathleen Peck’s blog post:  “How do you find the right people that are right for you?  Hint: it’s all about energy.” 

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Dealing With Difficult Emotions

Have you been feeling more intense emotions this year?  It seems many people are experiencing this, myself included.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been experiencing a

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A New Time

Hi friends, I’ve been off the grid for a while.  2013 has been like no other year, and I needed to take time to go

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Stuck in Muck?

We all feel stuck at some point in our lives.  We make New Year’s resolutions, talk about it with friends, even get excited.  Sometime later,

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GPS Soul Guide

I was excited to see my new soul guide in Huffpost’s GPS for the Soul.  Beautiful photos, affirmations & peaceful music.  Take some time to

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Paulo Coelho 2013

I had to share this blog post by Paulo Coelho, a favorite author, who wrote “The Alchemist.”  Beautifully written.  Very poetic and prayerful. 2013:  the

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Intro To Meditation

Did you make a new year’s resolution to start meditating?  Are you wondering how to start? Learning how to center yourself and slow down the

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