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Cleansing for the Holidays

Oh, how I missed the food NYC had to offer!  But after 1.5 months of travel, and some indulgent dinners with friends, I knew I needed to cleanse.  My body was feeling achy, bloated and off it’s normal energy level.  I was also feeling a cold coming on. The first thing I do when I

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Occupy Wall Street

At the last minute I decided to fly out to NY to see what the Occupy movement was about. Here I saw a myriad of realities and agendas tied into one.  Some people meditating near a tree altar.  Others working on their laptops.  Internal meetings at nearby coffee shops. The general vibe inside the Park

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Since the last few posts, namely “Just One Question” I decided to live my end dream, after writing the question: “what would I do if I realized all my dreams?” I would live a simple life in nature.  Ever since I can remember, I have always admired the lives of Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Merton

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Just One Question

Recently I was inspired to write a coaching journal called, “108 Questions that will Change Your Life.”  But little did I know how it would change mine. One day while I was sitting, question after question poured through my and I started to capture them down in my journal.   Some were simple like, “What do

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Tao of the Day

“The great way is easy, yet people prefer side paths. Be aware when things are out of balance. Stay centered within the Tao.”  ~~ Tao Te Ching This is one of my favorite quotes that I keep up to remind myself everyday.  Sometimes life gets busy and I question the busyness. What are rushing and

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Getting Things Done

I love what Dean has to say about focusing! It makes Buddha Business sense. The 50-Minute Focus Finder from Dean Jackson on Vimeo.

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Lady Gaga & True Purpose

I was inspired by a recent interview with Lady Gaga where she performed in Central Park on her black unicorn piano and her song hair.  When asked by an audience member, “what would you do if you weren’t famous and doing what you’re doing now?”  She responded candidly, “I would be a singer.”  The TV

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Today’s Vision

Often times during my morning meditations, I receive messages from spirit.  It may come through a vision or sound.  Since I was a child, I had prophetic dreams and received glimpses into the future.  Now as an adult, I receive specific messages, “go to the library now” or “tell this person they need fish oil!”

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Our Nervous System ~ It’s Important!

When was the last time someone said, “Hey how is your nervous system today?” It’s not something we pay attention to very often, but we should. It has a huge effect on our well-being, our mental state, what we perceive – pretty much everything. Our nervous system is responsible for sending all the messages to/from

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Heart Consciousness

Often times when I’m sitting in meditation, I am aware of the energy in my heart. It occurred to me recently that what we consider to be consciousness, a widening in our awareness and mind, may actually be a consciousness that extends from our heart. Could it be that the heart has it’s own intelligence?

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