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how to meditate at work

How To Meditate At Work

  With years of coaching meditation and training leaders, I have found several secrets to meditate at work — and at home — successfully, especially

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does meditation reverse aging
Guided Meditations

Does Meditation Reverse Aging?

  Does meditation reverse aging? That is a great question! The short answer is – yes. You can reverse aging with meditation. I’ve experienced it

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How to lead a meditation class
Learn How to Teach Meditation

How to Lead a Meditation Class

  People often ask me as a meditation coach, trainer, and the founder of, “Sura, How to lead a meditation class? What’s the best

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how to help others with overwhelm
Stress reduction

How to Help Others with Overwhelm

  These days many people are feeling overwhelmed. We are concerned about what’s happening in the world, our political and global stability, climate change, and

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When Is the Best Time to Meditate
Spiritual Journey

When Is the Best Time to Meditate?

[su_youtube url=””] Many people ask me this question! They want to know the best time to meditate each day — especially if they are new

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what is a meditation coach
Meditation Coaching

What is a Meditation Coach, exactly?

People often ask me “what is a meditation coach?” It is the way it sounds! It’s the combination of meditation and coaching. In this 16-minute youtube video, I share more

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How to Love Yourself

  When I was a little girl of about three or four years old, I asked my mother if she loved me. My mother thought

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