5 Great Ways to Release Overwhelm & Create More Balance

Do you feel pressed for time? What do you do to maintain a sense of balance while accomplishing all your daily responsibilities?   When answering this question, consider deeper unconscious beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing inner-balance. What is driving you on a deeper level? What keeps you out of balance? We

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How to Become a Meditation Teacher or Coach

Meditation has always been a personal and essential part of my daily life. It had never occurred to me to ever share meditation until one day I was asked to teach in a class. That’s when I went through the nerve-wracking process of having to figure out how to become a meditation teacher. Back then,

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Meditation for Relaxation

Learn to Manage Your Energy through Meditation

Would you like to experience more energy in your daily life? Did you know that meditation can help you cultivate your life force and bolster your energy levels? The more you meditate, the more aware you will become of the energy in your life. Some people know this as qi or prana. It is the

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How to Protect Your Energy & Release Stress

Do you ever come out of exchanges feeling drained? Or do you feel exhausted after visiting certain locations? Oftentimes we can unknowingly take on the stress and anxiety of those around us. It can be from our loved ones, colleagues, clients or anyone near us. If you’re sensitive or empathetic, you may have absorbed other

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child taking small step

The Power of Mini-Steps in Creating a Daily Practice

It’s common that people make meditation part of their new year’s resolution. They know it’s beneficial. They know it will help them, but the biggest challenge is just doing it. How can you make intentions like a daily meditation practice a reality? Take a mini-step. If you want to practice meditation, start with one minute

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