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Meditation for Relaxation

Learn to Manage Your Energy through Meditation

Would you like to experience more energy in your daily life? Did you know that meditation can help you cultivate your life force and bolster your energy levels? The more you meditate, the more aware you will become of the energy in your life. Some people know this as qi or prana. It is the

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How to Protect Your Energy & Release Stress

Do you ever come out of exchanges feeling drained? Or do you feel exhausted after visiting certain locations? Oftentimes we can unknowingly take on the stress and anxiety of those around us. It can be from our loved ones, colleagues, clients or anyone near us. If you’re sensitive or empathetic, you may have absorbed other

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child taking small step

The Power of Mini-Steps in Creating a Daily Practice

It’s common that people make meditation part of their new year’s resolution. They know it’s beneficial. They know it will help them, but the biggest challenge is just doing it. How can you make intentions like a daily meditation practice a reality? Take a mini-step. If you want to practice meditation, start with one minute

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Scholarships now available for the LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training Course

Creating Diversity. Making Meditation Coach training accessible to the right people.     Last month, we hosted a meditation coaching webinar masterclass where nearly 600 coaches had an opportunity to learn how to create more calm and focus for their clients. During the training we introduced our LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training course that begins January

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How Meditation can Help us with Difficult Thoughts & Emotions

Many people today are feeling the stress of the world. People are also experiencing the rise of “compassion fatigue,” known as secondary traumatic stress. 16%- 85% of health care workers suffer from burn-out, constant anxiety, and negative feelings associated to compassion fatigue. Being tuned into everything around you can weigh on your heart. It can

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7 Mindfulness Tools to Release Anxiety & Find Calm

Anxiety has become a common experience and can happen to the most centered of us. It often begins when we start overthinking. Our stomach tightens, our breath shortens and our mind goes spinning. It is natural to experience anxiety, but at constant levels, it can begin to re-wire our brain for fear and be detrimental

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How To Stay Centered Amidst Chaos and Tragedy

Practicing the Power of Compassionate Detachment A common question I’ve been hearing lately is “How can I be happy when there is so much tragedy and chaos in the world?” People are feeling tremendously weighed down by the intensity of the world. Many are finding it challenging just to make it through their own day-to-day

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7 Simple Tips to Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

Are you constantly tired and overwhelmed, feeling like you’re always trying to keep up? Do you realize that feeling rushed and anxious stems from a state of mind that you can quickly change? The power to shift from feeling rushed to being centered is already within you. It only takes a moment of awareness. A

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How Meditation Helped Me Start an Online Company

When I started my entire business online over a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. My initial vision was simple: post meditation courses online to help people find calm. Little did I know about the complexity of online marketing, integrating various technology platforms, copyrighting, website development and all the moving

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How The Simple Practice of Telepathy Can Help Us Grow Spiritually

Telepathy, Synchronicity & Intention Telepathy, often described as the ability to read the mind’s of others, is often perceived as an elusive practice that people view as, “woo-woo mystical” or out of reach. Telepathy begins simply by intention. It is a natural human experience. A common form of telepathy is thinking about someone, or dreaming

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