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Release the fear of judgment

We each possess a strong imaginative power. Through meditation, we come to understand this power more readily. We can imagine a bright future with health

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Find Peace Daily

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your racing thoughts and all that you need to do? Have you ever noticed the experience this creates in

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Develop Your Meditation Practice

Meditation + the Law of Attraction

Meditation and the Law of Attraction can be applied to anything in your life. Whether it’s work, an accomplishment, a future endeavor, or a personal

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Kid sleeping peacefully
Develop Your Meditation Practice

A Family Meditation

A family meditation right before slumber contributes to an incredibly restful, refreshing night of sleep for everyone. It’s beneficial for both adults and kids. A

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Develop Your Meditation Practice

3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Meditation

Meditation enables us to center ourselves internally amidst the chaos, the negativity, and the turbulent, difficult times. It’s a spiritual tool that our society needs

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Develop Your Meditation Practice

Meditation and Prayer

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is a wonderful way to complement prayer, regardless of one’s religion, belief or faith. Both practices leaves individuals better able

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Meditation for Relaxation
Develop Your Meditation Practice

How to Meditate with Distractions

People often don’t know how to meditate with distractions present because they believe they don’t have the time, but the truth is, meditation is a

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation for Motivation

We all suffer from procrastination and a lack of motivation– whether it’s avoiding going to the gym, cleaning, or even taking action on your soul’s

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