Meditation for Everyday Life

One of the things I often hear is, “I’m too busy to meditate!  I have to do my taxes, housework, and everyday responsibilities!” 

Meditation for Daily Life

What can you do instead?  Meditate while you do.  Here’s a 10 minute video guide on how you can meditate while you do anything, even washing your dishes!

Learning how to find joy in the everyday, simple moments gives us sustainable fulfillment and satisfaction.  Meditation helps us find happiness in the small moments.  Those small moments make up the quality of our life.

Love, Sura

About the Author: Sura
Hi, I'm Sura, a corporate VP turned Meditation Coach. Currently, I run global online trainings for leaders & coaches. I love sharing FLOW, an effortless meditation approach that cultivates true health, relaxation & prosperity.


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