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Meditation Techniques for Energy

If you are working with a meditation coach or in a meditation group, you will hear many conversations about energy — some about positive energy and other comments about negative energy.

Coaches may redirect that conversation about energy to the benefits of meditation. They may focus on meditation giving you positive energy, but it is also essential to talk about negative energy and deal with it directly. I love to talk about meditation techniques for energy and address both kinds of energy.

Sometimes I am asked directly, “How do you work with energy in your meditation practice?” And my answer is a result of both working as a meditation coach for many years and over 12 years training others to be coaches.

Negative Energy

Sometimes we can’t shake that feeling of being anxious, stressed, and tense even as we come to meditate. Those feelings are a result of negative energy. We can’t dismiss those feelings so quickly for two reasons:

  1. We hold on to old energy that we have not processed.
  2. We feel the collective stress or anxiety from a group (family, workplace, society, and so on).

We all find ourselves, at times, pushing down our feelings. This is because the past stressful event may have been too much or alarming to deal with at the moment of the incident, so we unconsciously set it aside. But these subtle tensions always come back to the surface. Even though it’s easier to distract ourselves from uncomfortable feelings, it is better to process those feelings as soon as possible.

Ideally, in meditation, you’re meant to experience connection and insight, but old energy holds us back, keeping us constantly agitated and anxious. Bad experiences can leave an imprint or residue that can be hard to shake and fully let go, leaving a state of constant tension and vigilance. These experiences can leave an emotion or mood that lingers for a long time and returns at inopportune moments.

We also form attachments between people. This is the energy that flows naturally between people. In a relationship where conflict has occurred, it can leave a residual feeling of tension and what happens is that energy moves between these bonds in relationships.

Likewise, there is undoubtedly a group mentality that influences how an entire group thinks because of these connections. Over the past year, we have felt tension about politics, racial conflict, and the pandemic, to name a few examples. Sometimes that group mentality leads to fear and causes the collective feeling of stress and anxiety we all generally experience.

So, what do we do with negative energy?

Cleansing Negative Energy

The goal is to cleanse yourself of negative energy and get back in balance before your time of meditation. Otherwise, you will find stress and anxiety invading your thoughts — even as you meditate.

Energy healing techniques help us practice meditation and self-energy healing. There are several tips for doing so.

Meditation Techniques for Energy

1. Identify Where Your Negative Energy Is Coming From.

Is it from an unresolved experience from your past? Or is it from a relationship?

If you have not resolved a situation with someone else, there is a residue left in your mind. Identify the precise nature of that conflict.

If your mood drops out of nowhere, ask yourself if you pick it up from someone else. You may need to make a conscious break to separate yourself from those who are influencing your thoughts.

Wherever your mind keeps going back to is where you are stuck and need to clear and balance the energy.

Cleanse and clear our experiences to let them go consciously rather than hold unto them unconsciously through stress and tension.

2. Set a Sacred Space For Your Meditation.

This approach is foundational. It’s important to set a sacred space that uplifts your energy and spirit. If you haven’t fully released past experiences, your mind will wander back to hose experiences as a way to process and release them. Your sacred space is intended for positive energy to flow consistently.

To learn more about how to create a sacred space, read this article on “how to create a serenity room at home.”

3. Establish a Frequency for Your Meditation.

Having a daily morning time often means that you set the tone and pace for the day. Many find that they have to reset themselves daily, myself included. Developing this healthy habit will also help you cleanse yourself from negative energy so that you can raise your energy.

4. Practice Visualization and Healing Techniques.

As noted in the last two descriptions, the goal is to cleanse negative energy, tension and stress. It is important to ground yourself. Take time to get in touch with why you feel any anxiety and stress, and deal with it directly instead of pushing it away.

For more about this topic to let go of stress and negative emotions, read our article here.

Letting the Positive Energy Flow

The intention is to use your meditation time to let positive energy flow. You can open yourself to the universal energy that continually flows within us and all around us.

I like to call this positive energy blissful energy. It is healing, nourishing, and fulfilling — leaving us with deep contentment and spiritual nourishment. In this energetic space, our true state of being emerges. This state of consciousness is our own true authentic self that is free to love and create and is not ruled by stress and fear.

The good news is that you can access the bliss of meditation for longer than when you are meditating. That energy continues to flow. That energy is part of you! In fact, the higher energy also includes our intuition — your inner guidance, god-self, or love — whatever you choose to call it.

meditation techniques for energy

Being open to your intuition and this flow of positive energy boosts yourself in many ways – not only as a higher, grounded state but a higher mental self and higher physical immunity.

Read our article “Does Meditation Reverse Aging?” for more information.

How to Work with Energy in Meditation

  • Use the following steps to release negative energy and let positive energy flow.
    Cleanse yourself of negative energy by identifying where the negative
  • energy arises from — your past conflict or negative energy you feel from connections with others.
  • Set a sacred space for your meditation as a place where positive energy flows.
  • Establish a frequency for your meditation so that you can reset and tap into positive energy regularly.
  • Clear negative energy before you come to meditation.
  • Practice visualization and healing techniques.
  • Become a vessel for higher energy and let the positive energy flow.

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