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The New Leader

The new leaders of today are not necessarily famous.  Most of them are unknown.  They don’t seek recognition or status, but they have much to offer in the way of spiritual guidance and wisdom.

New leaders are emerging.  They are soulful by nature.  They do not seek power, but empower others.   Many of them are healers, teachers, helpers, and practitioners.  They can be unexpected in form:  younger than expected, older than expected.. in no leadership position at all.  However, they naturally bring comfort and healing through their compassionate presence.  They inspire people to be themselves.

The new leaders encourage the path of the heart.  They know on a deeper level that they are here to steward a larger movement, a movement in consciousness.  They are experiencing their own spiritual awakening, so as to help facilitate this process for others in their own path.  It is important for new leaders to recognize their inherent value and worth, and to understand the value of the guidance they have to offer.  It is important that they value their own insights and perceptions, and to have the courage to express their own ideas.

There are also existing leaders who recognize the value of spiritual leadership.  This way of leading that includes wellness, wholeness, wisdom and sustainability.  They realize that leadership is more than “execution and profitability.”  They see leadership as a way of being.  A way of being that inspires and naturally allows others to do and be their best.   They value intangibles like creativity and intuition.  They are learning to integrate new ideas and forms of wellness into existing business structures. They realize that people produce their “best” when they are happy and healthy.

In the past, egoic ways of force and dominance were validated and even rewarded, but today that is no longer true.  Today there is a call for leaders who are balanced, whole and compassionate.

If you are someone who can see a higher outcome, a higher way, then don’t be afraid to use your gifts, your gifts of leadership.  The world needs you to step into your leadership.  The world benefits from your love and strength.  New leadership is emerging, one that is spiritual by nature.  It is the willingness to lead with heart.



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