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Not Knowing

More than ever, people are lost.

If confusion, chaos and inner-turmoil describe you,

you are not alone.

Not knowing is part of the spiritual journey.

It’s OK to not know.


Relax into the not knowing.

Let it be..

until you have enough of it and have filled yourself

up with not knowing.

Then something else can come.


But don’t try to make it up in your mind,

or push yourself too hard to make something happen.


Relax and be aware.

Be kind to yourself.


For this New Year’s Resolutions, think about your

Intentions for Life.

The state of being you want to cultivate.

The energy you want to experience in your life.


This is different than making up goals.

Goals come from the mind.  They are ideas about happiness.

That often fall to the wayside.


Your Life Intention is connected to your Life Purpose.

It is what opens you to a greater sense of Who You Are.


Think not so much about “What do I do?”

As “Who am I Being?”


The “What” will follow the “Who.”

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