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Release Stress in 5 Minutes

Stress is this invisible force that builds inside our bodies, minds and nervous system.  It ties us up in knots, has us thinking in different directions– and before we know it, it’s hard to undo the mini-fortress that stress has taken up within our body.

When stress has it’s invisible grip on us, we don’t feel like ourselves.  We’re more serious, more agitated and less spirited.  We smile and laugh less.  Then we say things like, “oh, I’m fine. It’s busy.”  We get pulled into a heavy reality of constant doing on automatic pilot mode.  We turn into boring robots.

Stress takes up space on our nervous system and has a momentum of it’s own.  When our nerves are overloaded, we become dull and desensitized to what’s around us.  It’s like having a heavy coat of smoke that sheaths everything you do and see.   We become so wrapped up in the energy momentum of stress, we don’t even realize we’re covered in a big sheath of smoke until we make an effort to clear it.

This is why relaxation and meditation are so important.  These practices help us clear the smoky haze of the stressful experiences that accumulate within us.  Relaxation especially helps to create space within our nervous system, inner space that allow us to experience peace and presence.

When you’re stressed, you experience a lack of inner space. When you’re relaxed, you experience spaciousness.  When you’re spacious, you feel free.

What I love about meditation is that it helps undo the knots.  It’s like hitting the reset button and we get to start over.  Most people shower everyday.  They brush their teeth, change their clothes and clean their bathrooms.  What about cleaning our mind?  What about clearing our bodies of knots and tension?

Meditation does that.  It allows us to focus on our inner landscape and clean the inner Self.   It’s one of the most important “clearing” exercises we can engage in.   Try this stress relief meditation that will shift your energy in five minutes.  I’d love to hear your experience of it.  If you like, you can subscribe to my youtube channel, dedicated to free meditations and tips.

Let’s be free of stress and tension!

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