Scholarships now available for the LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training Course

Creating Diversity. Making Meditation Coach training accessible to the right people.  


Last month, we hosted a meditation coaching webinar masterclass where nearly 600 coaches had an opportunity to learn how to create more calm and focus for their clients. During the training we introduced our LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training course that begins January 1st, 2018.

We received an overwhelming warm response, including some unexpected feedback from numerous people:

I’m really interested in the training, but I cannot afford it.” 

Many people who have expressed interest in our training are single parents, people who are in transition, those who live in non-developed countries and coaches who are getting their own practice up and running. Thank you for reaching out to us and making us aware by sharing your personal stories with us.

One of our intentions at Sura Flow is to make meditation accessible. We feel that peace and relaxation is everyone’s birth right. We also want to create a diversity of meditation facilitators that include women, people of color, and those who may not have financial access to the practice of meditation.

We believe it is vital to support balance and diversity in leadership. We see that organizations and communities benefit from those who can bring new and unique perspectives, which often includes people who come from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Because of this, and the interest in our course training, we are now offering a limited number of scholarships to the LIBERATE Meditation Coach training course. These scholarships are based on personal financial need and include meditation community service.

We want to make meditation training accessible at this time of crisis and stress for many, and especially to those who intend to share mindfulness with their community.

If you have a strong interest in this course, and want to apply for a scholarship, you can apply online or book a time to speak with me. 

Be sure to book a time to connect with me before you apply. To learn more about the LIBERATE course and what you can expect, please click here.

Open enrollment is available until December 22nd, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in meditation and spreading peace. If I can support you in your journey, please let me know.






About the Author: Sura
Hi, I'm Sura, a corporate VP turned Meditation Coach. Currently, I run global online trainings for leaders & coaches. I love sharing FLOW, an effortless meditation approach that cultivates true health, relaxation & prosperity.


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