Showing Up with Intention

Recently I received the message, “the energy you create with, is the energy you create in your life.”

In yoga, if you use resistance to create a pose, that is what you are creating : more resistance. But if you let go, you are creating the experience of letting go.

Have you thought about the energy you create with? The energy with which you show up to work, to see your friends, or to work on a project?

This idea of cause and effect made me think about intention and my overall life intention.   I realized that without an intention, it’s like being a bird, flapping it’s wings in the sky, in no particular direction.  What kind of flight do you envision?  Where do you see yourself landing?

What is your Life Intention?

Each day, you can wake up and declare your intention for the day.  This will empower you to create your day.  Notice what happens when you state your intention before you do anything, and how it changes your experience.

About the Author: Sura
By Sura


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