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How The Simple Practice of Telepathy Can Help Us Grow Spiritually

Telepathy, Synchronicity & Intention

Telepathy, often described as the ability to read the mind’s of others, is often perceived as an elusive practice that people view as, “woo-woo mystical” or out of reach.

Telepathy begins simply by intention. It is a natural human experience. A common form of telepathy is thinking about someone, or dreaming about someone, and they show up in your life that day.

Science also shows us that telepathy is real. Doctor Emoto’s work demonstrates that human consciousness has a direct impact on the molecular structure of water. Water responds to our thoughts and can be changed through our own conscious awareness. When we send positive thoughts towards water, we see beautiful crystalline structures emerge.

Below is a picture of how our intentions can shape the molecular structure of water:

Telepathy is quite simply: energetic communication. It’s communication beyond words. We communicate this way all the time, whether we’re conscious of it or not. We know when someone is disingenuous. We also become “in-sync” with our loved ones and family members. We often know what they want and what they feel.

When we have positive or negative intentions towards another, they can immediately sense it.

Practicing this kind of subtle, inner communication can help us grow spiritually by expanding our understanding of the impact of our own intentions and thoughts. By becoming more sensitively aware of our own energy and how we communicate with our thoughts, emotion and Self — we begin to see how the universe responds to our inner-most desires and fears.

Anyone can practice telepathy. When we tune in at this level, we become more conscious of the energy we project and receive in the world, and it makes a meaningful difference in how we show up to ourselves and others. The universe show us the transparent nature of our innermost thoughts, beliefs and intentions. This empowers us to create more consciously from within.

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