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Since the last few posts, namely “Just One Question” I decided to live my end dream, after writing the question: “what would I do if I realized all my dreams?”

I would live a simple life in nature.  Ever since I can remember, I have always admired the lives of Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Merton and any other writer-monastic-transcendalist.

I packed up my Prius, left Vancouver and moved to Salt Spring Island.  I had no idea about what the island was like, nor did I have a place to stay, but I thought I’d take my chances and show up. Everything turned out perfectly and it turns out I like it here, more than I thought I would.  Salt Spring is an eclectic mix of artists, farmers and retirees with about 30 artist studios across the island.  I would say, I have never seen a place like it, anywhere in the world.

I’ve rented a cottage on the lake that sits across a horse field.  It’s quiet here and it allows me to hear my own thoughts more clearly and focus on my meditation practice.   It’s very nourishing to be immersed in nature. Swimming, long walks and fresh air have done wonders for my aches & pains.

Taking time out seems like a luxury but I find it to be a necessity.  Reigning things back, stepping out of the busyness of life… getting rest.  It can be hard at times to be alone without distractions, to see the contents of your inner thoughts so clearly, and the innumerable ways of avoiding things.  It’s worth it though, taking away all of the unnecessary things allows me to look more closely at what is truly essential.

This retreat is one of the best gifts I have given myself and affirms to me that our dreams are worth living.   We do not need anything except courage and resolve to live them, and when we do, we open ourselves to receiving the secrets and the answers to life.


“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”  K.T. Jong

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