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Spiritual StREsS

Everyone knows the regular stress of life – responsibilities, work, paying the bills.. getting enough exercise.  But there’s another kind of stress, just as nasty as the real stress that causes death & disease – spiritual stress!

Yes!  You can get stress from not listening to your spirit!! It’s what mid-life crisis’ are made of.  People experience spiritual stress when they know on some level they are not living the true purpose they are here for.  They know they should be doing something “else” or “more” in their life.  Not taking the time to find out can seriously cost us.  Our spirit, or soul, speaks to us through intuition.  They are subtle inner messages that only we can hear, but if we don’t listen to those messages, stress builds and major problems happen.  Then it takes an inevitable catastrophe to wake up and get it right.  Sooner or later, spirit gets it’s way.  Whether we’re kicking and screaming, lives turned upside down, or graciously going with the flow, is up to us.

Inner messages might not always make logical, practical sense. They usually have an element of fun or adventure like: “I should take a writer’s workshop, or call that fascinating person from 3 years ago.. or look for a new job”.. it could be anything.  Such messages quietly run in the backdrop of a busy mind, but pop up and surface again and again.  It’s important to listen to those messages, they are like direct text messages from your soul.  It knows what it’s here for, and your health and happiness depend on it.

I know this for sure:  whenever I get an intuitive message and act on it, I experience an immediate relief and deep feeling of peace. It opens a flow of energy through my whole life.  Not only do I feel good about it, but often times, I’ll find out after the fact how it fits into the bigger picture of what I want to create.

So bee-ware of spiritual stress, an invisible but dangerous force that can hijack your system if you don’t take time to tune in and listen.  One of my all time favorites is Alice in Wonderland.  When she finds herself in a pickle, she follows the white rabbit (her intuition) and plops down the great unknown.  There’s no time not to listen.. and life gets curiouser and curiouser.

Listen to your intuition!  Act on it!  It will save your life in more ways than one.

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