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Starting Over

Just for a moment, imagine dropping your past.  Let go of your name … title, your position in life.  Let go of your possessions.  All your responsibilities.  Release all worries of the future.  Consciously let go of any stress, fears or anything you’ve been holding onto.  Let yourself be in this moment.  See with new eyes, as if you just arrived here now, in this new moment.

Relax.  Breathe.

Engage yourself in this short practice.  Experience what it feels like.

You might have noticed, it felt free.  Lighter.  Easier.

You can feel this way all the time.  You ARE free.   Your are SO free that you are free to believe anything you want, think what you want, and do whatever you want.  Even if what you believe is limited.  You are free to be limited!

What a beautiful life, we can create anything we want from our belief systems, to our thoughts, emotions and perceptions.  Even our imagination.  How powerful it is to know that we create this deeply on every level.

Let us then, at least be aware, of what we’re choosing to create.

Each moment is new.  Each moment we can see again and again,
in a new way.  Each moment we are born again.

It takes a little conscious effort.

And it takes continuous courage to choose to see anew.

In the words of Rumi, “don’t go back to sleep..”


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