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The “A” Team

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to walk across the Cambie bridge in Vancouver B.C. As I entered Yaletown, I noticed 2 big vans that said, “ANGEL Restoration.” Deeply amused by this, I crossed the street and saw 4 people on the other side of the truck huddled together in a circle. They had angel shirts that said, “A-team” on the backside with a halo on it.

A double take, triple take.. I couldn’t myself. I walked up to the circle and said, “Excuse me. I’m just wondering, what do you guys do?” They turned around with these big smiles on their faces and responded, “we help people when natural disasters happen.”

It took me a few moments to process what they said. To which one of the guys said, “you know, like when a flood happens? We come and clean it up.” Ahhhhhaaa! I laughed and thanked them, but before I walked away, I had to take a picture to document the moment. I kept thinking to myself, “where can I get one of those t-shirts?”

Walking back over the bridge, I contemplated this company and it’s employees. It made me think about what’s happening in the world in the wake of our world’s natural disasters. I saw this company as a wonderful analogy. When disasters happen, we call upon our Angels, our spiritual selves, to lift us up and understand the deeper meaning of life.

With the Earth responding the way it has, there are likely to be more natural disasters, including personal ones like relationship loss, job changes and other major life changes. These events are wake up calls for the spirit. Think about the darkest times in your life when you might have felt very lost and confused. Did you not sense or feel an energy of being gently guided? Looking back, did you feel grateful for what happened?

Call it your angels, your intuition, or your inner guidance.. trust that it is always there leading you to where you need to go. The more connected you are to your guidance system, the less likely are are to find yourself in a natural disaster of life – But when it does happen, it helps to have a strong communication system with your A team!


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