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The Hero’s Journey & The Stinkin’ Gargoyles

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

One of my absolute favorite myths is the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. He wrote a step-by-step summary of what happens when we embark on our own personal journey, the hero’s journey. It is a universal story of courage, risk and spiritual enlightenment.

The first step is the “call to adventure.” A call to enter an unknown world. It is a step off the main path in a direction that is mysterious and enchanting. The hero may at first ignore the call.  He feels insecure, afraid and doesn’t trust the world to support her in her venture.  He must face his fear, the trials and challenges of entering an unknown world. Usually if the hero takes great risk, he receives some kind of supernatural aid in his journey. If he survives the challenges and the journey, he receives a great gift, a boon, that upon his return, will help the rest of the world.

The reason I mention this is that many people now are being called to enter an unknown world. And I want to forewarn people about a curious phenomenon that often happens when we’re in a state of growth and being called forth to our personal journey. Two things show up: the red pill and the blue pill. What you dare to know, and what you already know. You’ll be forced to choose between different paths. They come at the same time, not just out of coincidence, but to test your resolve.

The blue pill represents the “gargoyles” at the door who try to entice you to stay where you are, to take the safe route. They feed on your fear and your doubt. The gargoyles are the negative forces that come just as you’re about to spread your wings and fly. They will show up to test you and come in all shapes & sizes; be it the voice of skeptical friends, a personal disaster, a lucrative work opportunity.. or your own inner demons. It is the energy that holds you back.

You will recognize this because a wonderful opportunity that is absolutely perfect for you will show up, and a seemingly enticing and opposite opportunity will suddenly appear.  Perhaps you are called to another path all together.  The stakes are higher and you must choose. Don’t be fooled!  There’s a reason why opportunities tend to manifest themselves at the same time, they reflect your inner growth and your readiness to expand. Know when it’s the gargoyles, or when it’s a step into your true direction.

Your hero’s path is determined by one of the greatest gifts you have – your choice.

Courage & faith are not invisible forces. They are in fact very powerful.

Steps to Hero’s Journey:

* (blue pill/red pill refer to the movie “The Matrix”)

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