The Intuition of the Heart

Amidst so many global, financial and personal changes, many people are very confused and are in a place of uncertainty.  What will happen to the economy?  What will happen in 2012?  People are fed up, going through big life changes and wondering what to do.  Many people are also concerned about how they will pay their bills.

When things fall apart, we can identify with the falling apart, or we can go deep inside and listen.  Many of us are receiving messages and ideas about what to do.  Some of it may make sense to our rational human mind, some of it may not make any sense at all, but when we tune in and feel it, it creates a greater sense of peace within our being.  Our body is a powerful biofeedback instrument that is constantly talking to us.

In previous posts, I mentioned the intelligence of the heart.  It is the source that connects us to all, to each other, and to our highest purpose.  Where our dream is, our heart is also.  If you take that step towards your heart’s desire, you will notice that your entire environment will shift and find a way to support you.

It is of vital importance that we listen to our Heart’s Intuition.  It could save your life.  Whatever your heart has been telling you, a consistent, persistent message – a quiet message, a knowing feeling..  it is time to follow it.



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