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The Roadmap to Becoming a Meditation Teacher

If you feel an inner-call to share meditation, regardless of your background, age or experience, you’re likely being called to be a healing leader. What does it take to lead meditation and provide healing for others? What are the universal signs and challenges we face when you’re being asked to share your gifts with others?


What does it take to share meditation in the world? How do
you become a meditation teacher or coach?


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In this compelling 2-day course, you’ll receive a basic blueprint, a roadmap, to becoming a meditation leader. This blueprint follows a universal myth, which I call the “The Healer’s Journey.” This is a journey that many people are currently embarking on. They are people who long to live and work in a way that aligns to their spiritual values and true self.

The Healer’s Journey begins with a sense of restlessness. She feels out of place in the “normal, regular” life she’s in and longs for mystery and depth, most especially in her work. This leads her to enter the unknown, a mysterious adventure in which she relinquishes control and follows the inner-guidance of her own heart.

When she heeds the call, it initiates a series of synchronicities and challenges that lead her to her own unique path.

This path is full of magic, challenge, healing and initiation. The healer’s journey roadmap guides you in releasing the obstacles and resistances that arise when you’re up-leveling your work or offering the work you love. Basically, it saves you a lot of time and unnecessary pain.

Similar to the Hero’s Journey, The Healer’s Journey includes the sacred feminine aspect of fierce surrender and how to integrate successfully into the world. For a healer, learning how to share your spiritual gifts is an essential step to receiving the deep nourishment of living your true vocation. It offers you a deeper sense of joy, a path that is fulfilling and abundant. It feels “spot on.”  

As part of this 2-day offering, you’ll learn how to guide a healing meditation by giving yourself full permission to express your own heartfelt imagination. You’ll learn about the natural link between energy healing and meditation. You’ll also receive basic tools to learn how to begin guiding meditations that are healing.

When you join this webinar, you’ll receive:

  1. The Roadmap to Becoming a Meditation Teacher or
  2. Tools and tips for successfully bringing
    meditation into the world
  3. A guide to facilitating healing meditation

BONUS: receive a toolkit guide for guiding meditation. Includes a meditation script + meditation coaching questions.

To join this free 2-day mini-course, visit our LIBERATE page here

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to serving you through meditation. 


Unlock Your Power
Unlock Your Power

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