We’ve re-branded to Sura Flow

We’re excited to announce that we are re-branding the name of our company to Sura Flow

This has been a long time coming. It began over 10 years ago when I wanted to create a practice that included the feminine voice and essence. We feel that Sura Flow more clearly represents the energy we want to advocate in the world. 

Sura in Sanskrit means “divine.” Our intention is to inspire divine flow in spiritual practice and our everyday lives. 

We enjoy sharing a softer, effortless approach that helps to restore energy, balance and flow. We feel the name Sura Flow more readily represents this intention. We love sharing practices that embrace the creative feminine, an aspect that hasn’t necessarily been included in many traditional masculine-based practices. 

We’ll be sharing more about this softer, more easeful approach to meditation, one that whole-heartedly supports feminine energy and balance. Nurturing, self-love and gentleness can enhance a disciplined practice. It can also show us how to readily connect to our intuition, as well as our ability to create and heal.

Thank you so much for reading and being part of our community. We appreciate your interest in meditation and look forward to serving you on your spiritual path.


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